Rahul Gandhi’s temple-run continues in Madhya Pradesh

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 12 Oct 2018 12:06:01


By Rajan Raikwar,

It is from Gujarat elections that people are seeing a changed personality of Congress National President Rahul Gandhi. During Gujarat Assembly elections, Rahul Gandhi’s charged political atmosphere by visiting religious places and at that time, this act of Rahul Gandhi had become a national talk.
Even in Karnataka elections, Rahul Gandhi continued his visits to religious places. Currently, Assembly elections are underway in Madhya Pradesh and so far, Rahul Gandhi had done two tours of State and in each tour, he ensured that he visits famous religious place. Now, once again, Rahul Gandhi is coming on two-day visit to State and his schedule to Datia include visit to famous Peethambara temple of Datia.

Earlier, during his Jabalpur visit, Rahul Gandhi had performed Narmada aarti and some BJP leaders were prompt to target him. They said that he had insulted the Hindu traditions by performing aarti of pious river Narmada during day time, because as per rituals it is in evening that Narmada aarti is performed.

When Rahul Gandhi had come to address a rally in Bhopal after completing Mansarovar Yatra, poster’s of Rahul Gandhi depicting him as ‘Shiv Bhakt’ has left BJP flagging its tongue.
BJP sees religious visits of Rahul Gandhi with political angle. It says that Rahul Gandhi is doing so to attract attention of majority voters.

When contacted, BJP National Vice President Prabhat Jha told ‘The Hitavada’ that by nature Rahul Gandhi is not a spiritual person and it is only during election time that he makes visits to religious places. “In Karnataka, Rahul Gandhi visited 28 temples…what happened..Congress ended at third place,” he told. He added that Rahul Gandhi is working with vote politics but God knows everything. It is only for votes that Rahul Gandhi is continuing his temple-run. Congress media incharge Shobha Ojha told ‘The Hitavada’ that “For us religion is a personal matter and it’s not a tool to play politics and no Congress leader has ever tried to do so,”.

Talking about BJP for targeting Rahul Gandhi on his visits to religious places, she sought to know that BJP is not the custodian of religious places. Moreover, she also wanted to know that had any top functionary of BJP did Mansarovar Yatra.