Source: The Hitavada      Date: 16 Oct 2018 14:46:36


By vedashree abhyankar

English dictionary defines success as 'To achieve the desired aim or result'. Success is a kind of task which requires tough grinding of hardwork. It can't be grabbed easily. Some people say that 'They are lucky to be successful’ but what symbolises luck? Luck phenomena is sarcastically used for hardwork, struggle and patience. After all luck covers only those who give as much as dedication as possible to achieve the goal success. According to J Y Antony, eminent writer, "Hardwork and struggle are the parameters to invite success and patience is the welcome note to it". After all patience is a major factor of success.

The emblem of patience can perfectly given by late Colonel Sanders, the Founder of fast food chicken restaurant chain- KFC (Kentucky fried Chicken), in his 70's he was awarded with the gift of success worldwide. 'Hardwork and struggle must be completed with a pinch of patience', Ken Moon, former Psychologist, highlighted it in his lecture. “Sowing seeds, watering or sprinkling regularly and after good care taking of a plant, one fine day, a charming flower blooms, giving the best fragrance of success. Charming flowers always reset the sense of patience and persistence to drag success”.

Whenever I read success stories, I observe that people who witness success after defeating poverty and other odd circumstances, are given more credit, but why so? James Holland, philosopher 'Success meaning is the same in every situation, but a successful human who face a tough and struggling life during the initial phase of his career, dedicate more efforts to wear successful tag'. The phrase Rome was not built in a day, suits people who start with intense hardwork, or rather from zero sequence, from the beginning.

Success is a trend, followed forever. If success is measured in group games like Basketball, Football, Hockey and various other team games, success requires collaboration and effective coordination between each player of the team. The coordination, specific team tactics and tricks place an advance bonus to win the game. At the end, unique team-work sponsor success and a glowing golden trophy, isn't it? It is logically said 'You can succeed best and quickest, by helping others to succeed' team games are one of the best example for this quote. High fliers carry a bucket full of experience with them. Each and every kind of lessons learnt by them are figured out frequently. Rishab Verma, thinker and guider says, 'Hotspot personalities, try their level best to never repeat their mistakes while walking on the lane of success. Human is well defined as a mistake maker but stopping the repetition of blunders is under control. Success icons definitely avoid redo of faults on their staircase of achievement'.

Success is the result of perfection, hardwork, learning from failure, loyalty and persistence' quote most often used on inspirational websites. I saw one encouraging video on Internet, a handsome but sleepy guy bangs the alarm clock at 4.00 am, after a moment he blinks to read a poster stuck on the ceiling 'Get up, it's the last day' and he gets out of his bed, rolling his blanket to start working. Boosting, cheering and such motivating things are set as a blueprint to be successful. Encouraging poster on the ceiling of bedroom is quiet effective, isn't it?