Source: The Hitavada      Date: 16 Oct 2018 14:17:29










MODERN day festivities have turned into nightmare for urban dwellers thanks to the pollution that they bring in their wake. Noise and air pollution have become the order of the day, come festivals as modern generations pay scant respect to the environmental issues in their enthusiasm to celebrate festivals. These are naturally causing concern to environmentally and health conscience urban citizens. It is no surprise that many of them are seeking ‘green getaways’. The trend to stay away from the urban din and polluted air is increasing among urban people. According to a study by an online travel platform Ixigo, year-on-year there is a growth of 25 pc of people seeking green locales to spend their holidays, especially during festivals so as to escape the polluted air, contaminated water. As cities grow, there is also proportionate growth in air pollution, water pollution and environmental pollution, making huge impact on public health. While a note of the people’s concern has to be taken, green tourism needs also to be encouraged.




INDIAN pacer Umesh Yadav’s Test career is a riddle that cricket experts have failed to crack. He keeps adding to the enigma by producing sudden bursts of terrific fast bowling, making all wonder why he is not an automatic choice to spearhead India’s pace attack. There lies the story of Umesh Yadav’s off-and-on Test career. As a tearaway picked from tennis ball cricket, the Nagpur boy was quick enough to rush up many a batsman. What kept lacking was a discipline in his bowling. The 10-wicket haul for a series-clinching victory against the West Indies at Hyderabad is a prime example of what Umesh Yadav can achieve if he befriends bowling discipline. Umesh’s effort was special from many points. First, he was left to lead the attack all by himself with injury to Shardul Thakur. Second, he was bowling on a wicket suited for spinners. Third, he was handling a poor quality SG ball. The way he brushed all that aside to rattle West Indies with reverse swing should make Virat Kohli focus all the more on Umesh’s consistency and rhythm. He can prove to be a potent weapon in Australia.