Conference on ‘Computer Vision and Image Processing’ ends

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 02 Oct 2018 10:28:12


Staff Reporter,

The third and concluding day of ‘Computer Vision and Image Processing’ 2018 conference began with participants presenting their work in medical image processing, remote sensing, classification and detection technique applied to various fields like agriculture. A total of 11 Nos of paper and 5 Nos of posters were presented. Professor Masaki Nakagawa is a pioneer of stylus pen (TouchPen) that recognises hand-writing & converts it into typed form. His team also worked on touch based smart phones.

He pointed out that a lot of other things may be learned by organising competition. Their group participated in various world level competition against Samsung /Google etc. This helps in speedy development of any system. His group is also working on ‘Development of Writer Identification Software’. Speaking about future problems, he told that his group is working on computer assisted exam paper marking system, where student (Examinee) himself can confirm answer and it's marking.

In valedictory function Professor Aparajita Ojha has given details of three day conference activities. The venue for CVIP-2019 i.e. Malviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur (MNIT, Jaipur) was announced by Professor B B Chaudhuri.
Dr Balaraman has announced names of prize winners in various categories.

As per announcement, Kiran B Raja received IAPR Best Paper Award of Rs 15,000, Saptakatha Adak received IAPR Best Student Paper Award of Rs 15,000, Vatsal Kumar Dhameliya, Sanjay Vaghela and Arnav Bhavsar jointly awarded with best poster award of Rs 10,000, Abhimanyu Sahu and Anand S Chowdhury obtained Certificate of Merit of Rs 5,000 and Akash Kumar and Sourya Dipta Das has been bestowed with Bird Classification Challenge Winner of Rs 5,000 respectively.