Profitability for farmers should be our first priority: Dr Rai

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 02 Oct 2018 10:35:21


By Piyush Shrivastava,

“National programme for Agricultural growth and farmers welfare is running on single point programme to double farmers income. Agriculture Science fraternity seems working on this motive ignoring challenges ahead. Export Policies, Agriculture production policies are target oriented to double farmers’ income.

The growth rate of Agriculture in Madhya Pradesh is in impressive state. In running year it is around 20 per cent plus, which is an impressive figure and sounds good for Krishi Karmana Award recipient state. In Madhya Pradesh this year according to data figures the farmers’ income must be doubled or it is nearing”, said Dr Mangala Rai, Former Director General of the Indian Council of Agriculture Research while talking to ‘The Hitavada’ during his short visit to the city at JNAU.

Doubling farmers’ income by increasing support price or any such schemes could reduce input to certain limit, but would never convert in to prosperity of farmers. Things that may bring prosperity for farmers are needs to be focus. Justified utilisation of natural resources for sustainable farming ensuring profitability for farmers should be our first priority for inside farm activity. There are various outside farm factors that are responsible for the profitability like infrastructure for cold storage, transportation, value addition, processing and preservation needed, he said.

Dr Mangala Rai explaining the growing imbalance of nutrient and micro-nutrient levels as well as deficiency of organic content in Soil are emerging as major challenge before the whole Agricultural Science fraternity. In days to come the biggest issue would compel us to face crises if we will not learn and adopt justified, multi-usage of natural resources like water, soil. In Indian farming conditions the natural resources are in abundance. We have to change this scenario to survive in future to feed the continuously increasing population, said Dr Mangala Rai.

He strongly recommended that special emphasis on developing coal-chain, storage and transportation infrastructure to save wastage of agro produce, system to optimise waste management turning the waste an ingredient for wealth, area specific soil health program depending upon deficiency of essential minerals and contaminations of heavy metals coming with continuous depleting ground water levels. Simultaneously special attention on economics of over all farming should be understood.

He further said we should understand a basic fault in our system that restricts farmers to gain profits. In present system farmers are purchasing every farm input in retail prices. Farmers pays all taxes, charges but are selling produces in wholesale. This system of purchase is not fitting to the law of economics. And as adverse impact on wrong market system is putting farmers in debt even after having highest growth rate of agriculture production.