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ADVANCE technology has its own demerits that need to be tackled with consistent upgradation in security mechanism of one’s own business. Cyber attacks form a major threat in the present times where digitalisation has swept all sectors of business and industry. Given the recent incidents of data breaches affecting major players in information technology and financial services, firms have geared up to face the threat of cyber attacks. A study by C-Suite Survey by US-based data analytics firm Fico has revealed that most companies are serious about the threat perception in the coming year and well-equipped to deal with any kind of data breaches. It is a welcome picture as it shows the priority companies are allotting to their customers. Though cyber attack preparedness has jacked up companies’ cyber security budget, it is the need of the hour especially in firms involved in financial services. Data privacy is primary responsibility of firms. Investors’ pressure must be treated as a welcome headache by companies to keep their integrity intact.




SOME cricketers are not measured only in terms of runs and wickets. They go beyond realms of statistics. It is the X-factor they bring to the table that is of prime importance. Former captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni easily takes a place into this rare category. Despite calls over Dhoni’s recent dip in scores and his place in the team, there should be no doubt that the World Cup-winning captain completes the combination that is needed in 2019 World Cup in England. The factors that set Dhoni apart from regular choices in the playing XI are of great importance for a squad to gel well. His experience has come handy on almost every occasion for Virat Kohli. The way he marshals the field from behind the stump shows what a keen observer of the game he is. Not for nothing Kohli terms him as a driver from the back seat. The current ODI series against West Indies will be a good occasion for Dhoni to silence his critics. But even if he fails on a few occasions it should not affect his position in the team. His contribution needs to be seen with a larger view.