Source: The Hitavada      Date: 24 Oct 2018 14:24:09










THAT there has been a rise in the number of crorepatis by 60 per cent in the country is a good enough sign of increase in the overall national wealth. This is visible even to the naked eye. It is clear that a lot more number of people have much more money in the past few years than they had earlier. This has also resulted in greater spending power of the people and a bigger cash-flow in individual lives. Income-Tax collection does show this reality as well, but more importantly, the levels of luxury in people’s lives, too, has gone up. Even while the economists are happy about these developments, sociologists are slightly worried. For, as they notice, the habit of profligate spending of people is on the rise. They know that profligacy does not indicate prosperity in a true sense. Real prosperity comes from proper management of money, proper saving habit, and proper investment of financial resources so that the income grows and adds to individual as well as national wealth. If this aspect of the economic scenario is improved upon, then a lot of good will come about.



THE Indian hockey team has done extremely well in the early stages of the Hero Asian Champions Trophy being played Muscat when it defeat Asian Games Gold medalist Japan in a one-sided match 9-0. The spirited play the Indians displayed led fans to recall an emergence of old Indian prowess in hockey when India ruled the world for countless decades. The manner in which Indian front-liners and defenders worked in tandem also led the fans to think of the days of Dhyan Chand and Roop Singh and their subsequent generations of hockey greats. As coach Harendra Singh said it correctly, the Indian team played to a plan which it implemented ruthlessly and with clinical precision. The aim now should be to be continue playing with such clinical precision and start a journey towards achieving the old-world charm the team exuded once upon a time. This also the most appropriate time for the team to start preparing for the big challenge such as the next Olympic Games. This is the time for take off and stay on in the champion zone.