Seasonal diseases raising heads in State capital

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 24 Oct 2018 11:49:20


Staff Reporter,

WITH change in weather conditions, seasonal diseases are raising heads in State capital. Patients suffering from normal cold and fever are visiting hospitals in large number. Moreover, diseases such as dengue, swine flu and chikungunya are also gradually spreading their wings.
When people suffer from fever, one thinks that whether he is suffering from some dengue, chikungunya or some other such disease ?

Even doctors are not taking any risk and they advise patients with high fever to go for test of dengue, chikungunya and swine flu.

Health Department said that as many as 92 samples were tested for dengue and of them 71 tested negative and 21 tested positive. As far as swine flu is concerned, total seven samples were sent for test and all of them tested negative. Chikungunya disease is also trying to raise it head in city. On Tuesday, 18 samples of chikungunya were sent for test and of them, 13 tested negative and 5 tested positive.

Doctors are advising people to avoid these disease by not allowing stagnation of clean water inside and nearby house. Moreover, water of tanks used to store water should be changed regularly as dengue larvae survive in clean water.
Seasonal diseases are taking toll on children as their immune system remains weak. Children are normally falling ill to running nose, fever and cough.