‘BJP workers will collectively fight for Mission 65 plus’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 25 Oct 2018 11:09:00


Staff Reporter,


Asserting that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will be winning the Assembly General Elections being held in five states including Chhattisgarh with thumping majority, BJP National Spokesperson Dr Sambit Patra said the Congress party is not even in the race in these Assembly elections.

The BJP National Spokesperson who was in State capital on Wednesday, while addressing a press conference said that he’s telling with complete confidence that the BJP will be managing better in the ongoing Assembly General Elections in comparison to all its previous elections. He said that the BJP government under Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh will be forming the government comfortably with 65 plus seats and will carry out its development initiatives as earlier. Dr Patra said that the main issue in Chhattisgarh during this Assembly election or in the nation for the ensuing Lok Sabha elections scheduled in 2019, is only development and all discussions are held in and around the issue of development only.

After the formation of Chhattisgarh State by the then Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee, in the initial years, there was a situation of dilemma in State. But since the BJP government under Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh came into power, we’ve seen that a bimaru state like Chhattisgarh, is among the fastest growing and developing State across the nation.

Dr Patra said the people of Chhattisgarh are intelligent and that is the reason why they have elected Dr Raman Singh led BJP government for consecutively for three years and again they are going to do so for the fourth consecutive time. So far as Congress party is concerned, which claims to be in the race for this Assembly elections, Dr Patra said “let me be very clear that Congress is not in any race as a political party or in election in Chhattisgarh.” He added, either in the national or in state perspective, we have seen that recently former Finance Minister P Chidambaram was heard stating that the Congress had never spoken of making AICC President Rahul Gandhi as Prime Minister.

Similarly, senior Congress leader Salman Khurshid had stated that the Congress can’t contest 2019 Lok Sabha elections on its own, it has to form an alliance. Dr Patra said so far as Chhattisgarh is concerned, the CPCC President is out on bail, the Working President has deserted the party and joined BJP and the State In charge has fell victim of CD fiasco on top of that no political party is ready to have Congress as its alliance partner neither Ajit Jogi’s JCC(J), nor BSP or GGP. Hence, an adage fits very well for the Congress in Chhattisgarh – which is, “Ek Bail, Ek Rebel, Ek ka bana CD ka Khel, nahi hua kahi talmel, tabhi to kehte hai Jeetu Patwari Congress gaiyi lene tel”.

Whether it is in Chhattisgarh or in Madhya Pradesh, the Congress party workers and office-bearers everywhere are left with no enthusiasm to fight elections. Now the fight is not between BJP and Congress, but it is between Sidhi (ladder of development) and CD. Both the government in the centre under PM Narendra Modi and the government in state under Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh believe in development and upliftment of poor through empowerment.

They strive hard to take the development to the last person of the society. While the Congress, being in the opposition, instead of playing the role of a constructive opposition is engulfed in CD fiascos and washing its dirty linen in public.
Answering a query Naxal issue, the BJP National Spokesperson said the state government with support from the centre has carried out immense development works apart from socio-economic initiative taken to uplift the local population. Education hub, excellent medical services, good road, power and mobile-internet connectivity has been ensured in core Naxal areas. But a major issue here is that the BJP government in the state or in centre is striving hard to wipe out Left Wing Extremism from the country, on the contrary, the Congress leadership here is supporting the Maoists by denigrating the action taken them by security forces. On the other the AICC President has come out in support of urban Maoists.

Answering another query on AICC President’s claim regarding loan waiver for farmers, Dr Patra said the AICC President says if his government comes to power then he’ll do. What was his government doing when it was in power for 55 long years and why didn’t he took such steps on behalf of farmers then. Similar promises were made by him in Punjab and Karnataka, where farmers today are struggling to get their loan waived but in vain.

Answering another query on resentment among party workers due to ticket distribution in Chhattisgarh, the National Spokesperson said these are normal and takes place in a democratic organisation like BJP. This resentment is momentary and will be convinced soon. All party workers in Chhattisgarh will collectively fight for the achievement of Mission 65 plus.