Fun science awareness camp marks Karwa Chauth

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 26 Oct 2018 11:46:16


Staff Reporter,

Fun science awareness camp for women was organised at Chinar Park. Science communicator Sarika Gharu, who is involved with various kinds of innovative science awareness workshops, this time organised the seminar exclusive for women telling them the science behind Karwachauth moon . Since sighting of moon is of immense importance on Karwa Chauth she along with volunteers interacted and informed behind the logic of appearance of moon.

These fun science experiments workshops are conducted with main objective of learning and indulging in science concepts and to know logic behind various processes. It involves a lot of talking and listening to people, these activities develop social and communication skills. In academics the inquiry and the scientific method are integral to science education and, science is one of the most important subjects for students to get marks or career wise. But little effort is done to encourage them the critical thinking skills especially for women such seminars are also provide platform for infotainment. In schools they are taught .physics, chemistry, and biology the three entities that are unified and referred to as science. The entire universe can be comprised of this single term science, right from the big bang theory to the reproduction process, everything is of much interest but many times due to daily chores women after marriage does not get opportunity to increase their knowledge .

Young scientist Ashi Chauhan was also present in the seminar . She told that moon will appear at around 8 pm at places in Shadol, Jabalpur but when it comes to Indore , Jhabua moon will come after 8 pm .in Bhopal moon is ikely to be sighted by 8.05 pm. During interactive sessions many other questions related with solar system etc were also shared .In Bhopal on Karwa chauth day moon will be approximately seen at a distance of 376630 km. Karva Chauth is a one-day festival celebrated by Hindu women four days after purnima ,a full moon in the month of Kartika.

Dates differ according to gregorian calendar which is tabular and not based according to constellations.
Karva Chauth, like many Hindu festivals, is based on the lunisolar calendar which accounts for all astronomical positions, especially positions of the moon which is used as a marker to calculate important dates. On Karva Chauth women who are married fast from sunrise to moonrise for the safety and longevity of their husbands.