Horrifying night for farmer as T1 tigress camps under ‘machaan’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 26 Oct 2018 09:42:38


By Ramesh Marulkar,

A farmer guarding his field from ‘machaan’ had a horrifying time last night when he noticed problem T1 tigress lay in wait below. He spent the night absolutely in cold sweat. Finally, his screams for help made the beast go away.

Reliable sources informed that Shalik Bahurao Asole was sitting on the wooden structure situated in compartment number 153, near the backwaters of Bulgar dam in Artmordi village to guard his field. Around 10 pm he heard some noise only to find that the tigress beneath the ‘machaan’ was looking at him. A scared Shalik started screaming for help. His loud shouting helped him the growling tigress moving away. He was shivering and any how passed the night without sleep, sources pointed out.

Anxiously waiting for the morning, Shalik then ran towards the base camp located in between Sarati and Loni villages to tell about the incident. Nawab Shafath Ali Khan, the sharp-shooter, Veterinarian Chetan Patond, and Asghar Ali and Tipeshwar trackers, rushed to the spot in the morning. The team found pug-marks of the tigress. The members searched for the beast on foot towards a nullah in jungle but in vain.

Sources pointed out that a veterinarian, sharp-shooter and others sat on the ‘machaan’ to observe movement of the tigress. The behavior of tigress is clear that she can attack human being whenever she gets a chance. She has become furious and can charge the tranquilising teams also.
Veterinarians and jawans of Special Tiger Protection Force can tranquilise the beast but they do not have gun to shoot in self-defence. They move through lantana weed and grass on foot but out of fear they just cover small distance inside. Even if they see the target animal in this adverse condition they cannot fire dart to make her unconscious.

Sources admitted that the chances of tranquilising the menacing tigress are less. Dr Chetan and Mukhbir Shaikh, a forester, had made five attempts to fire dart at the tigress during summer. The dart hit the tigress twice but they failed to go near her to check. Tranquilising the tigress appears to be a remote possibility and the teams are now finding the ground for shooting her in self-defence, they added.Idea of using perfume discarded

Forest officials have discarded the idea of Calvin Klein perfume to lure the problem tigress, following advice by three experts from Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun, informed sources. The expert said that this perfume of international brand would not prove to be of much help in India, where tigers are intelligent. The perfume is not being used and it would not be used in this operation, remarked the sources.