Joint drive to remove encroachments continues

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 26 Oct 2018 10:55:29


Staff Reporter,

Anti-encroachment squad of JMC shifted a number of families, who had erected illegal dwellings on the Madan Mahal hills, to Suhagi

The district administration, on Thursday continued the joint drive with Jabalpur Municipal Corporation (JMC) to remove illegal structures mushrooming on Madan Mahal hills. The anti-encroachment squad of JMC shifted a number of families, who had erected illegal dwellings on the hills, to Suhagi. Deputy Commissioner, Rakesh Ayachi informed that the JMC with district administration is executing the drive unchecked to raze all permanent and temporary structures situated on Madan Mahal hills.

Accordingly, the anti-encroachment squad, on Thursday conducted drive in Bedi Nagar and shifted as many as 23 families to houses at Panni Mohalla in Suhagi. Meanwhile, the squad is also helping as many as 30 families to evacuate houses still situated in the area. Ayachi said the JMC is providing vehicles and other needed assistance to concerned families in shifting their domestic articles to new location.He said so far the civic body has dismantled over 200 residential structures and still to bulldoze over two dozen illegal houses situated on top of hills. Ayachi said the civic body would continue the drive on Friday and would raze the illegal structures.

The Deputy Commissioner said the district administration and JMC is conducting the drive following the directions of the High Court to make Madan Mahal hills encroachment free. He said hundereds of people got erected multi-story buildings on the hills. Many of them also gave the dwellings on rent. The administration and JMC is dismantling the illegal structures. Recently, the anti-encroachment squad razed big permanent structures including multi-story buildings from the hills situated near Supatal. Likewise, the JMC employees also dismantled over 100 encroachments situated within 300 metre periphery of Madan Mahal fort and adjoining areas.He said the civic body is providing house to families who have been displaced from the hills. The JMC had earlier shifted to people in Brajmohan Nagar. Now, it is providing dwellings to concerned people in Panni Mohalla in Suhabi.

Meanwhile the civic body is also making arrangements to clear debris from the site. Ayachi said the JMC and
administration would continue the drive and remove remaining permanent structures from the hills.