ATMs poor functioning causing inconvenience to public

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 27 Oct 2018 12:08:15


Staff Reporter,

Automatic Teller Machine commonly known as ATM counter installed by different banks in city focusing development of customer friendly services keeping in view the any time banking for money requirements. Contrast to this the ATM Counters installed by different banks are functioning poor, if checked on standards and terms of services committed by the maintenance and operation companies.

In Jabalpur city alone above 300 ATM counters of different leading nationalised and private banks are available and are touching nearly part of the city. Networks of ATM counters installed by different nationalised and private banks are being managed by different companies and vendors at Regional and State-level but owing to the continuous negligence in maintenance of customer facilities the customers are bound to use ATM, while paying fees to banks for its using it above four times transactions.

Proper attention of Banks seems is missing in providing inadequate availability of connectivity, avoiding d-linkage with servers as well as functioning of air conditioners installed at the Counters that are mostly remain out of service. There are many other issues associated with the ATMs that banks are over looking in view of customers' facility.

As per manual of the ATM Counters issued by banks in interest of customers that ATM Counters should be clean, safe and having pleasant atmosphere for its customers. But regularly, complaints regarding miss-functioning of ATM machines, d-linkage for hours with bank server, jumping of cash withdrawal options, failure of reading ATM cards at machine, no information regarding agency on bank assistance mentioned at the ATM counters if any such problem occurs, etc. are being registered by customers with the Bank branches but seems are of no avail.

To ensure proper functioning of ATM the respective banks that have installed ATMs are responsible, but the facility on part of banks is a toll free number at the counter. In majority of Banks and its branches the ATMs are installed and also maintained. As to some extent the Bank authorities keep eye on facilities and agencies are also giving proper services. But in ATM counters situated in different parts of the city or areas that are situated at some distance from branches are in poor state.

‘The Hitavada’ had collected experience of few bank customers who are using ATM frequently while also encountered such problems in their routine usage of ATM Counters.

Sameer Vishwakarma, local resident

ATM counters are believed to be a part of trust worthy services of the Banks. But it seems fading due to poor services and the claim is turning in to a myth for customers. Banks should focus on enhancing services that are actually and directly related to customer convenience at ATM. In recent years after demonetisations the role of ATM counters have increased many folds for general public in city like Jabalpur where cash less economy options are less practised.

Ajay Gupta Musician

ATM counter in Jabalpur city mostly seems are functioning over burdened. Unclean counters, having tear-off or scraped ATM slips, non-functioning ATMs has become a common feature at mostly ATMs counters of the city. In night time the security guards or number for any assistance on need remains a missing feature, etc. are common problems that could be resolved easily just by ensuring proper functioning of maintenance or service provider company to the bank.

Anurag Sahu, organiser of an Orchestra Group

In Jabalpur and around the services of ATM counters are not satisfactory. In mostly ATMs situated in public places like railway station, bus-stand or in market places mostly machines remained dry, no cash board kept informing people about available banking. At such counters where people have less time and more need for cash the banks should focus on improving facilities. We travel in adjoining districts too where services are also hampered mostly due to lack of maintenance.

Vinay Rajput  Builder

The situation of ATM network could be said are in poor state. That even bankers knows the ground reality, but surprisingly ignoring the ground reality. Mostly ATM counters of nationalized banks are situated in city are running in poor state following careless approach of authorities towards customers' friendly services. In present time when ATM (Debit or Credit) card usage have increased many folds the services should be kept upto date, especially connectivity and availability of cash, additional if customer convenience taken care properly it would make banking reliable and trustworthy.


Priya Chaterjee  Marketing executive

The services claimed by the banks for ATM services are normal in city areas. In counters proper information board are not installed. Like no-cash boards are mostly at ATM counter are mostly kept hard written on a cardboard by the security guards or information related to cash currency denominators availability remain on this hand written information board. Notice boards at ATM are used by banks to publicise its products and not for customer services.

Arvind Usrethe Shopkeeper

Arvind Usrethe a shopkeeper adjacent to ATM Counter of a private bank in Ranital area says customers normally don't react or complain about any lacking of facility may be due to busy schedule or avoid investing time in complaining. No one complaints to the banks about lack of facilities in ATM. Customers visiting to ATM must get minimum arrangements of clean space to avail services, but on ground reality banks have left customers facilities on the mercy of God.

Manoj Shrivastava  Banker

The Banks are taking care of ATM machines by monitoring facilities provider services time to time. Owing to technical snags and connectivity issues some times services hampers but normally ATM counters are extending facilities to the customers. As there are some constraints like maintaining cash availability especially in busy areas as machines have some limit and to that limit cash could be loaded. However, agency maintaining cash recharge two to three  times in a day at few selected counters.