BJP’s ‘Sanjha Vikas’ programme to seek  suggestions from journos for manifesto

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 27 Oct 2018 11:28:25


Staff Reporter,


Bharatiya Janata Party organised ‘Sanjha Vikas’, an initiative, wherein suggestions were invited from the fourth pillar - the journalists, for the BJP’s election manifesto or ‘Sankalp Patra’ as the party calls it. During interaction with the journalists, suggestions ranging from steps taken for eradication of Left Wing Extremism (LWE), Law for Journalists’ security and protection, constitution of committee for monitoring scheme implementation etc came to fore. 

The ‘Sanjha Vikas’ programme, which was organised by the BJP Media Cell, was attended by BJP National General Secretary and State In charge Dr Anil Jain, BJP State Manifesto Committee Chairman Brijmohan Agrawal, senior BJP leader Subhash Rao and BJP Media Cell In-charge Nalinesh Thokne.

Welcoming the mediapersons, BJP National General Secretary Dr Anil Jain said, “This is beginning of a very good initiative where suggestions are solicited from the fourth pillar which acts as the bridge between the government and the people. After glorious 15 years of BJP government, suggestions are being solicited keeping in view what more could be done for the state.” He said that ahead of zeroing on preparation of manifesto, the party had interacted with different sections of the society at different levels. The suggestions are being solicited while keeping in view the present situation of the country and the role which Chhattisgarh can play, so that such suggestions can be accommodated in Sankalp Patra. The BJP has tried its level best to implement all the promises it had made in the manifestoes issued during previous elections. 

BJP Manifesto Committee Chairman and Agriculture Minister Brijmohan Agrawal while extending his gratitude to journalists for participating in the ‘Sanjha Vikas’ programme, said, “Since we’re already in the government and after the elections will come to power for the fourth consecutive time, we’re calling our manifesto as ‘Sankalp Patra’. Almost 99 per cent of promises made in the manifesto which was released ahead of 2013 elections have been fulfilled.” He said that over 5,000 suggestions have been collected this time from doctors, farmers, SC/ST, women, youths, advocates, industrialists etc, from all sections of the society and this would be introduced as Sankalp Patra as we intend to fulfill the promises made in it.

During the ‘Sanjha Vikas’ initiative, journalists extended suggestions on varied issues, which both the BJP National General Secretary Dr Anil Jain and BJP Manifesto Committee Chairman Brijmohan Agrawal noted down. According a suggestion, it was suggested to initiate peace talks in LWE affected areas so that a huge segment of people residing there who still feel that they are cut-off from the main stream, feel that the State Government is there for them and can join the main stream. Another suggestion came on constitution of a Commission for Journalists, wherein, the working journalists can share their problems, which can be solved at the government level.

Demand was also put forth to derive a clear-cut policy on mediapersons so that they can work without any fear of life or getting apprehended in false cases. The journalists demanded for derivation and subsequent implementation of Journalist Security and Protection Act, so that their interests can be protected. The journalists also demanded for special criteria and quota for housing, good and cheap health facilities, accidental benefits like jobs for wife or children etc, so that their future is secured. They also demanded enhancement of pension facility and relaxation of rules. The journalists appealed that in the policy making for journalists, there should be more political initiative rather than bureaucratic interference.

One senior journalist suggested that IT policy should be changed immediately. He said that the youths involved in IT, should be provided subsidies anywhere in the state as the state government has promised for working from Naya Raipur. He said that there are software companies which are leaving state only because they are not being given subsidies in other cities of state. Citing example, he said there is a software company called Globalsoft in Bhilai, which is presently employing 400 youths, is contemplating to shift out of state due to same reason.

Some others suggested that education in English medium with CBSE curriculum should be initiated in government schools so that poor people can get their children good academic facilities.