Play ‘Chakravyuh’ provides wake up call to  citizens against terrorism at doorstep

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 27 Oct 2018 10:55:39

Actor Mayuri Tongle in conversation with Urmila Deshpande in a scene from the play ‘Chakravyuh’. 


Staff Reporter

Full marks to Urmila Deshpande, playwright, Director and actor, for her realistic approach in selecting a theme for the play titled ‘Chakravyuh’.

The play was presented on the inaugural day of Padmagandha Pratishthan Nagpur’s three-day Lekhika Natya Mahotsav, on Friday, at Scientific Hall. The play was inaugurated by Dr Deepak Khirwadkar, Director, SCZCC, in presence of noted litterateur Shubhangi Bhadbhade, Malatai Kekatpure and others.  The play revealed many important issues of how sometimes a casual approach to actions, what citizens think as normal, can land a person unknowingly in deep trouble.

The storyline revolves around a martyred Colonel’s wife Jasprit Kaur Gill, having a reputed family background, who runs a business while taking care of her two children. She has a young girl attendant Gunita, whom she treats as a family member to do house hold chores.

One day, a stranger in the garb of an elderly Sardarji Devendra Singh comes to their house, looking for rented premises. Jasprit, after talking to him on various issues, gets convinced about him being a genuinely needy person and agrees to rent out her outhouse. Trouble starts when Devendra Singh starts his coveted activity, taking advantage of Jasprit’s simplicity and leading to terrorist attacks in the vicinity with the ultimate aim to eliminate Jasprit, whose husband had eliminated several terrorists, two of the dead happening to be brothers of Devendra Singh.

Detailed interrogation, Jasprit’s Jail term and mental torture and the final arrest of Devendra Singh who spills the beans, all has been beautifully portrayed. Urmila Deshpande as Jasprit is outstanding. Others who impressed most were ACP Suri (Nikhil Tongle), Lady cop Aparna Lakhapure, Mayuri Tongle as Gunita, Vinay Modak as Devendra Singh.