This man lays unclaimed bodies to rest with full dignity, civility

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 27 Oct 2018 11:09:44


By Sandeep Pradhan,


Not everyone would be aware about what happen to unclaimed and unidentified bodies recovered in the limits of State Capital, it is ‘Moksh Shradhanjali Seva Sansthan’ which has taken up the task of burying these bodies with all civility. In last four-five years, Moksh Shradhanjali Seva Sansthan formed by a school dropout Syed Jamir Khan has buried around 1,500 unclaimed bodies found in the city. 

“Few years back I spotted a vehicle carrying unclaimed dead bodies in a very inappropriate manner and a thought came to my mind that is death so cheap and don’t they deserve a farewell with dignity. The incident deeply hurt me following which I decided to take up the task of disposing unclaimed bodies in a decent manner,” said president of Moksh Shradhanjali Seva Sansthan Jamir Khan while talking to The Hitavada.

Realising the activity as noble, people started uniting with me resulting in formation of Moksh Shradhanjali Seva Sansthan, added Khan. It is to be mentioned here that for disposal of unclaimed bodies, the State Government has allocated land in Jora area falling in limits of Telibandha police station. Without any financial assistance from the State Government, the ambulance driver Jamir Khan is continuing the noble task from last few years even putting a share of his monthly income.

Khan further added that he does not feel bad that his day starts by lifting unclaimed dead bodies and passes in a burial ground. On the contrary, he feels calm and blissful by bidding farewell with dignity to some unknown souls. “I don’t expect any support from the government but the tragedy is no one cares about how disposal of unclaimed bodies are made in Capital. Ministers, government officials and other VVIP frequently visit here in the campus of Dr B R Ambedkar Memorial Hospital and Pt Jawahar Lal Nehru Memorial Medical College, Raipur but no one cares how unclaimed bodies (which come here for autopsy) are being disposed and who disposes it off,” said the ambulance driver.

Only police personnel, who come here at mortuary for undertaking formalities linked with recovery of dead bodies, support us by giving Rs 500 in each case, added Khan.  To avoid any complication while exhuming body under legal situation or on the arrival of relatives, one body in a grave is placed, informed Khan.