An ugly picture in contrast

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 28 Oct 2018 09:45:50


Staff Reporter,

Nag river cleaning takes a beating with various authorities dumping the debris right into its bed

Sometimes, it does not take a deep study of the surrounding but only some common sense and supervision to do a work neatly. However, in the so-called development spree going on in the city, the first casualty appears to be common sense. Else, how can one explain dumping of debris right in the bed of Nag river?

Yes. As the picture shows, the excavated soil and debris have been dumped by Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation Limited (Maha Metro) in the bed of city’s signature Nag river, near Yashwant Stadium. The debris and dug up soil have been dumped in such a huge quantity that the dumps on both sides have choked one outlet each under the bridge. The bridge was constructed years ago, just ahead of the famous ‘Sangam’ (confluence) of Nag river and a nullah originating from overflow point of Futala lake. The idea behind constructing the bridge with three openings underneath was to ensure that the Nag river flow did not get obstructed even when it rained heavily and the river was in spate.

However, over the years, the neglect -- of the authorities concerned and citizens as well -- has been choking the city’s signature river. At present, umpteen number of drains carrying the filth from households and shops open into the river, turning it into a bigger drain. Several times, the High Court had to intervene and pass orders for cleaning of the river-bed. Sadly, every time, such orders met with short-lived action.

Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) claims to be ‘regularly’ taking up pre-monsoon cleaning drive of the rivers in the city. However, situation by the last weeks of monsoon reveals that the so-called cleaning drive was largely restricted to photo opportunities.

Now, Maha Metro appears to be carrying forward the legacy of neglect by finding the bed of Nag river a ‘cost-saving’ alternative to carrying and dumping the construction debris at some other site out of the city. In the process, it has just tightened the noose around Nag river’s existence. Obviously, once again, the authorities concerned and citizens have failed to notice this act. Meanwhile, Nag river (?) tries to flow silently... carrying away the city’s filth, trying to breathe even with the efforts (in the name of development) to choke its sobs, and presenting a picture in contrast!