Bhopalites experience mild cold during morning, evening

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 29 Oct 2018 11:56:51


Staff Reporter,

Mild cold condition is being experienced in Bhopal and a few other places of Madhya Pradesh. People have started to feel the pinch of mild cold during night hours in the State capital. With this, people are now eagerly waiting for proper cold conditions.

In Bhopal, mild cold conditions are intensifying with every passing day. During nights, temperature dips and the weather becomes pleasant. People have started using blankets during nigh hours. Even during evening hours, some people have started wearing warm clothes to stay protected. Bhopal’s minimum temperature was 16.6 degrees Celsius and it was normal.

Weather conditions are also almost same in most of the parts of the State. Minimum temperatures remained below normal level in districts of Shahdol division.  Lowest minimum temperature of 10 degrees Celsius was recorded in Mandla. Minimum temperatures of districts in Indore was above normal.

There was no change in maximum temperature of State. Maximum temperature was below normal in Chambal division and normal in districts of Rewa and Jabalpur divisions.
Weather Department said that weather will remain the same for next two days.

Bhopal will witness partially cloudy weather and maximum temperature will be 33 degrees Celsius.
Weather Department added that wind pattern is yet to set in Madhya Pradesh for favourable winter conditions. As of now, winds are north easterly and light in nature. Hence, mild cold will continue during morning hours.

Mild cold conditions are likely to become intense from next fortnight. Till then, mild cold will continue to make its presence felt during morning and evening hours. As winter season is yet to make proper entry, hence warm cloth shops are taking time to enter the markets.
Normally by the end of October, Tibetan woollen shops used to surface at roadside areas of the city but this year they are yet ot make an entry.