Patients’ satisfaction is the biggest award ever: Dr Amte

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 29 Oct 2018 09:41:43


Staff Reporter,

Magsaysay Award winner ‘Padma Shri’ Dr Prakash Amte and Dr Mandakini Amte are role models for many who want to render their services towards welfare of tribals. Their service, struggle, and sacrifice are recognised many times in the form of prestigious awards. However, they believe that happiness on the face of the patient who they treat is the biggest award for them.

A former resident of Professors’ Colony, Dr Prakash Amte was back in the area on Sunday. This time, to share his experience of a wonderful journey of life so far with the other residents, in a programme organised by Professors’ Colony Mitra Mandal (PCMM) at Ishwar Deshmukh College of Physical Education (IDCPE) Campus, Hanuman Nagar.

Incidentally, it was the 50th lecture organised by PCMM. The programme was organised in association with Bhaiyaji Pandharipande National Institute of Social Work and Gruhini Samaj va Sarvajanik Vachnalaya, Hanuman Nagar.
Dr Prakash and Dr Mandakini Amte shared their inspiring story that started from Professors’ Colony, took them to Anandvan, then to Hemalkasa. The work they built up in all these years has catapulted them to the status of global citizens. The celebrated couple shared various incidents and experiences of life that astonished the audience.

While Dr Prakash Amte was narrating his journey, each member of the audience felt as if he or she was having a personal chat with him. When he told them about superstitions and less exposure of tribals with the outer world were the biggest challenges they faced initially while working in Hemalkasa, everyone could visualise the situation.

When the Amte couple reached Hemalkasa to render their services in the medical field to the tribals, malnutrition was the biggest risk to life of tribals. Due to superstitions and lack of basic facilities, villagers avoided medical treatment in the beginning. However, their hard work and dedication convinced the villagers of their noble intentions. Soon, they became angels in the densely forested area where the tribals would never get proper healthcare facilities.

Often, the members of the audience responded with applause, sighs, and sometimes with simple sparkle in the eyes reflecting their appreciation for the Amte couple’s stupendous work. The success stories of Lok Biradari Prakalp are famous all over the world.

Dr Prakash and Dr Mandakini Amte not only took care of the tribals but also of the orphaned wild animals. “Animals also understand the language of love and care,” said Dr Prakash Amte. A 50-bedded hospital and a residential school for tribal children are extensions of the monumental work of the couple. The Amte couple was proud to mention that their children also were following the same profession and path of service to improve the lives of tribals. The duo also spoke about emotional bond shared by three generations of Amte family. In the programme, PCMM donated Rs 61,000 for Hemalkasa project.

Dr Yashwant Deshpande, Dr Dilip Peshwe, Arundhati Pandharipande, Parag Pandharipande, and Dr Laxmikant Tulankar also shared the dais during the event. Sandhya Dande compered the programme and Parag Pandharipande proposed a vote of thanks.