‘Unique’ debut

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 03 Oct 2018 11:38:00


By Iffat Amjad Sheikh,

True to her name, which in Kurdish language means unique, Warina Hussain, the latest entrant in Bollywood is quite unique in her features. Blessed with the best features of an Afghani mom and Iraqi father, she is the new blue-eyed baby of the tinsel town. Upbeat about her debut movie Loveyatri, she talks at length about her struggling days, her dream debut and of course Salman Khan.
The striking part of her personality is her radiant face and flawless skin that can really glow in dark and her height and frame is an added advantage, which makes her the apt ‘heroine material’.

Quip her about how she got the role in the movie and after a pause she says, “I am working in Delhi from 2013. I initially began modelling so that I can pay my rent and somehow God was kind on me as I got to work with reputed brands, thus giving an impetus to my ambitions. I have worked in few music videos in Afghanistan as well. Then I ventured into advertisement and luckily things were falling in place for me as people still remember me as the ‘Cadbury girl’. The next on my wishlist was Bollywood and I began giving auditions when the opportunity came and soon the typical Bollywood struggle began. I auditioned for an unknown production house through an app and at that point nothing was revealed to me and I thought this must be a big fish and finally I got the nod to be a part of a great launching pad through Salman Khan Films. I had to pinch myself to believe that I am a part of one of the greatest production houses of Bollywood. This is really a dream debut for me and I couldn’t have asked for more”, says the light-eyed Hussain.

Ask her does she feels any sort of pressure working with Salman Khan Production and she says, “With greater opportunity comes greater responsibility and I consider myself fortunate to bag the lead role in a venture that I really never ever dreamt of. The initial workshops helped me eased a lot of pressure and from there on, it was a smooth sailing”, reveals the very charming lady.

In the tough world of cut-throat competition, how difficult it is for a person who is not of Indian origin to break the barrier and with a nod she replies, “Yes, it is not just difficult for outsiders, but insiders too. Each day there are hundreds of girls venturing out with an aim to become a part of the industry, but success doesn’t come easy. I feel I am lucky enough to get the dream role, which I am certain would be on anybody’s wishlist. Language was really not a problem for me as majority of the people in Afghanistan speak Hindi, I just needed a little brushing up in this department. I have to mould myself a little bit to look more Indian. And I am learning the roles”, says Hussain on a
confident note.

Belonging to a conservative background, was her family supportive of her career choice and she is quick to respond, “My background is conservative, but not my family. Initially, my mother was skeptical about my decision as to how would I manage things alone in a new country. But I have really worked hard and seeing my dedication and will to excel, she is now a relieved soul”, continues Hussain.
Heaping praises on the producer Salman Khan, Warina was all praise for the superstar. “He gave us enough liberty on the sets to show our talent, never pressurised us for anything and whenever our energy was down, he was the strong motivating force. A man of big heart, he extended a helping hand in times of needs”, says Hussain.

The pretty damsel is playing a Dandiya teacher from US in the movie and hopes to set the beats right. Don’t miss the action in the theater near you as a new Loveyatri is all set to woo you this week! n