Medicine traders participate in cleanliness campaign

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 03 Oct 2018 11:07:47


Staff Reporter,

Medicine traders enthusiastically participated in the day-long awareness programme organised under Swachch Bharat Mission ‘Swachchta hi Seva Hai’ at Dawa Bazar situated at Marhatal Civic Centre on Monday. The medicine traders participated in cleanliness campaign organised on the eve of Gandhi Jayanti.

The sanitation workers of Jabalpur Municipal Corporation cleaned the premises while around 110 medicine traders took the pledge to maintain cleanliness in the premises in future also. They cleaned their respective premises and collected fund of Rs. 1 lakh to maintain continuity in cleanliness campaign.

With the co-operation of Jabalpur Municipal Corporation, Field Outreach Bureau working under Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India, conducted Swachch Bharat Abhiyan and Swachchta hi Sewa at Dawa Bazar premises on Monday.
Assistant Director, Varsha Shukla Pathak motivated the medicine traders and nursing students to render their contribution to ensure number 1 slot for Jabalpur in Cleanliness Survey 2019.

Pathak also offered joint pledge among the participants to contribute sincerely in maintaining cleanliness at their homes, shops and surroundings.
Chandrash Jain, Secretary, Jabalpur Chemist and Drugist Association, Sharad Agrawal, Madhya Pradesh Chemist Association, Rajesh Dengra also expressed their opinions and their liabilities towards maintaining cleanliness at Dawa Bazar.

Earlier, artists of Kadam Sanstha under the direction of Krishna Kumar Dixit staged a street play and motivational songs devoted to Swachchta Abhiyan. Founder of Kadam Sanstha, Yogesh Ganore specially attended the event and promised to make the premises green through plantation. Professor Dr. Anand Singh Rana, District Organiser, National Service Scheme, Janki Raman College, Dr. HP Palan also apprised the gathering with various significant issues concerned with cleanliness. Others who especially attended the programme included Health Officer, SC Chandel, Assistant Health Officer, Laxmi Raj, Dr. Shailendra Pandey, leading chemists of Dawa Bazar including Chandresh Jain, Sharad Agrawal, Rajesh Dengra, Anil Nandwani, Bittu Kohli and others.