Smart city should be like this!

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 03 Oct 2018 09:48:52


Staff Reporter,



Arundhati Sathe





How should be the smart city? How should be its roads? How should be its square? There are lot many questions to ask about to-be smart city. Arundhati Sathe, Secretary of Indian Institute of Interior Design (IIID) has come up with some ideas from the designer’s perspectives. She herself is an Interior Designer.



Electric Friction Panel
Sathe has put an idea regarding generating the electricity through the cars which remain static when signal is red. She revealed, “Open space in the middle of square gather a continuous flow of traffic. Considering the situation and the number of vehicle pass create friction and so use of friction panel, which can create electricity, is nothing but an advanced technology. Putting this, will generate another 10 KW of energy. On an average 25 KW of electricity is required to lit the lights and traffic signals in a junction.”


Roof shades at the square can protect people from scorching heat.

Roof shades with solar panel
Government at Centre and State is promoting use of solar energy. The correct use of it can help commuters. Sathe has the wonderful solution to it. She pointed out, “Everybody is aware, Nagpur is the hot city and people always search for shadow. Even when the traffic signal is red, road users search for a tree under which they can wait till the signal turns green. This is a common sight. Scorching heat of Nagpur can be converted for useful resources. A canopy of solar panels can be put near various squares under which two-wheeler riders can wait when the traffic signal turns red. The riders can be able to protect themselves from the heat and the energy generated out of the solar panels can be utilised for the streetlights and traffic signals of the same square.”


The bars on the square can have light so that from a distance know about the signal position


Signal Post
Visibility of traffic signals from a distance is always a problem. The this problem, three solutions are suggested-- 1. Taking advantage of the roofing shades one can light the structure with red and green. 2. Signals below the roof. 3. At the centre of road-divider for the pedestrian as well.



Divyangs need special space

On the present road system, no space is earmarked for Divyangs. Arundhati Sathe, through her design, provides a solution. “We proposed a slight slope on each zebra crossing and also at the divider to cross the wheelchair,” pointed out Sathe.



Resting Bars
Non-disturbing yet utilising resting bars can be provided for all and also for old age and divyang.

Eco-friendly dustbins
It has been observed that dustbins are not properly used and maintained by citizens. The habit can be changed for which Sathe provides solution. Set of three dustbins can be kept with one for waste food, other is for plastic which can be kept at every crossing and recycled the garbage.

Police Booth
The condition of police booth at each square is very pathetic. Police can not stand in the booth. He or she not only experiences the heat but it is very small. It can be redesigned and upgraded by putting it with the availability of Wifi.