‘BJP will not tolerate any insult on Shivling’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 30 Oct 2018 11:28:02


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Welcoming the new found ‘Shiv Bhakti’ of AICC President Rahul Gandhi, Union Law and Justice and Electronics and Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad commented that while the AICC President is making up his identity as a ‘Shiv Bhakt’, one leader of the AICC Shashi Tharoor is making objectionable statements against ‘Shivling’. He said the Bharatiya Janata Party will not tolerate any insult on Shivling in the name of criticizing PM Narendra Modi.

Addressing a press conference here in the capital today, the Union Law and IT Minister said the AICC President on one side visits Mahakaal temple in Ujjain and pay obeisance while another leader of his party insult gods and deities, for which the AICC President is answerable. When he took on the Congress on this issue in the national capital, Tharoor had replied that this statement was published in 2012. He said he can understand Tharoor’s tenacity against PM Modi but making objectionable statements against Shivling and other Hindu Gods and Goddess in the name of PM Modi, is highly intolerable and the people of the country will give a befitting reply.

The minister who was in Chhattisgarh on Monday, addressed public meetings in Mohla-Manpur and Ambagarh Chauki. He was due to address a public meeting at Dantewada as well but this meeting was cancelled owing to security reasons. It may be recalled that a BJP leader and Member of Dantewada Zila Panchayat Nandal Mudiyami was attacked by suspected Maoists at Pulnaar village in Dantewada district on Sunday late evening.

Before moving to Mohla-Manpur, Ravishankar Prasad addressing a press conference in the capital and said he has complete faith in the judiciary while reacting on the Supreme Court decision wherein it postponed hearing on the Ayodhya Ram Mandir-Babri Masjid dispute to January next year. He said the Supreme Court has said that the hearing will be held in January. As Union Law Minister he has certain limitations hence he should not say more on this issue.

However he added modestly that the issue is connected to the sentiments of lot of people in the country, hence the hearing should be completed at the earliest. He said the government has complete faith and respect on the court. Answering a query, Prasad said, the Bharatiya Janata Party has never mixed Ram Mandir issue with elections. He said he had represented Ramlala (case) in the UP High Court and had won. The UP High Court had concluded that the place where Ram Lala is present should be given to Hindus. However, the other party approached Supreme Court.

Coming down heavily on Gandhi family while commenting on the Rafale deal, the Union Law Minister said until and unless there is no “Dakshina”, the Gandhi family and Congress doesn’t move ahead on any weapons deal. Declining to hold any enquiry on Rafale deal, Prasad said that no enquiry will be ordered just for the sake of satisfying Rahul Gandhi’s ego, he said no compromise on country’s security will be tolerated.

Giving detailed information on Rafale deal the Union Law Minister while quoting an interview of Rafale CEO, said Dassault Aviation SA is a proven 100 years fighter plane manufacturer who’s sold over 10,000 fighter planes all over the world. The then UPA government which had held talks with Dassault for purchasing Rafale fighter plane, had short-listed it as L-1 way back in January 2012 but ironically after six months in July 2012, the UPA government states it want to again re-negotiate the deal. Prasad alleged after dilly-dallying for 12 long years, the UPA government recognized the deal but struck it off again. It seems the Congress and Gandhi family did so as it didn’t receive “Dakshina”, he alleged.

Then 2014, the government changed and reins were taken over by NDA government under PM Modi. Thereafter, the NDA government had sealed a deal to purchase 36 Rafale fighter planes at 9 percent less price, aiming at constituting two Rafale squadrons. However, due to Military secrecy, the weapons systems and other intricacies can’t be discussed. The Rafale CEO in a recent interview just 3 days back had stated that their relationship with Reliance is since 2012. Prasad while highlighting the lies being spoken by AICC President said Rs 30,000 crores worth spares of Rafale plane will be manufactured in India, which will be distributed among 100 different companies. The Reliance share in this is merely Rs 850 crore.

Praising Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh for the development works undertaken in Chhattisgarh the Union Law Minister said his development model is best in the country. Coming down heavily on Maoists and Human Rights Activists, the Union Law Minister said Maoists are detrimental to development and both central and state governments are fighting a decisive battle against them. He alleged that many Human Rights Activists work in favour of Maoists and they raise hue and cry when any Naxal is killed whereas they don’t utter a word when security personnel are murdered. Raking up the issue of urban Maoists, the Law Minister said the Congress is sympathizing with these people who support Left Wing Extremism.