15 motorbike repairing shops razed by anti-encroachment squad

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 30 Oct 2018 11:37:02


Staff Reporter,

All the illegal mechanics shops were shifted to Mechanics Zone

JABALPUR Municipal Corporation (JMC) is carrying out special drive to ensure proper traffic arrangement and to get rid from road side temporary encroachments. Apart from razing illegal structures situated along main roads, the civic body is also razed motorbike repairing shops and shifting mechanics to mechanics zones.

The anti-encroachment department of JMC, on Monday, continued the drive in many areas of the city and removed illegal motorbike repairing shops. The anti-encroachment squad also shifted temporary shops to concerned mechanics zones.

Senior officials of the department informed that the squad is conducting drive regularly to remove illegal motorbike repairing kiosks from city streets. Officials said that the drive was conducted following High Court’s orders. They said that the court has clearly asked the Corporation to get rid of the illegal motorbike repairing shops situated along main roads within municipal limits. Therefore, the department is executing special drive to remove mechanics, who operate motorbike repairing shops along main roads and crate traffic jam like situation.

Officials informed that the squad, on Monday conducted drive in several areas of the city and removed nearly 15 mechanics shops. The employees conducted drive near Dhani Ki Kutia, Birsa Munda Chowk, Sanjay Nagar and adjoining areas and shifted the shops to Adhartal Mechanics Zone.

Officials informed that the zone has space for 30 mechanics and is full with shifting the mechanic shops. Officials said they have warned concerned people to avoid placing their shops along roads or else their allotment in Mechanics Zone would be annulled and their shops would be seized.

They said a number of streets of Adhartal area were mushrooming with illegal motorbike repairing shops. The anti-encroachment squad conducted the drive for three days in the area and removed all illegal mechanics shops and shifted the same to Mechanics Zone. Now, the drive would be shifted to other areas and illegal motorbike repairing shops hindering traffic movement would be removed.