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Poonam Menaria,

Q: I am a student of Plus Two (science), all set to appear in the board exams and engineering entrance exams. However, I am not at all prepared as I have not done well in class XI. Lots of people are saying that if I appear for the exams next year, the gap will affect my career. Kindly help. --Garima

A. We come at the crossroads many a times during our career decisions and this is the beginning of it. Before deciding on the gap year, it’s important to be aware of few aspects and do a little self analysis and reflection keeping your efforts towards studies and its pattern, as well as genuine feedback from teachers who can help in gauging and help in right direction whether a year of hard work will transform your results substantially. If you have mostly performed well and in Class XI results just happened as an exception then there is no harm in taking a gap year. Do not base the decision to take a gap year on what employers will perceive when you go for applying jobs but on whether you can remain focused and motivated to slog and put in sincere efforts during the extra year. During the interview you could always project your gap year as reflecting your willingness to commit to your dreams. Your job readiness would be more determined by your performance during graduation and this gap year may not find much concern. Today’s employers give weight age to academic performance, soft skills as well as internship or work experience.

2. Hello Ma'am, I am a B.Sc. Biotech student. I am in my first year of the college. I want to enter the corporate world after my grads. Please suggest me the appropriate degree or course I need to pursue after my graduation which will make my way to the corporate world. I want a good pay packet please do tell me what else I need to do. Thanks

A. Dear Smriti, You are already enrolled for a specialized degree program in Bio Technology. Based on your career aspiration, interest, you need to chalk out your career journey. There are many options after graduation but it all depends on your desire, aim, aptitude and ability. You can continue in the field of Bio-Tech, research based domain or you can think of pursuing other streams such as Management, IT, Health Care, finance, banking among many possibilities. You corporate job and salary would depend on your readiness for the work based on your knowledge, skills, competency and career orientation. It is highly recommended that you choose your career path appropriately and prepare yourself for the work/job. The salary and career progression would be a secondary outcome based on your contribution to the organization/employer. You can also discuss your career journey options with your teachers, mentor, parents and professionals from the field and take a wise decision. Best Wishes!














Poonam Menaria