Forest Deptt in mission mode as tigress’ pugmark seen in Mendora

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 30 Oct 2018 11:52:02


Staff Reporter,

Forest Department has tightened the security provisions around Mendora jungles as tigress has once again marked her entry in the area. However shepherd and tourist are already warned to avoid their entrance in the area as it is open jungle.

Sources said forest department is facing difficulty to monitor the area as there is lack of patrolling employees. Forest department has raised high alert around Kerwa and Kaliyasot jungles. Officials have also asked to prepare daily patrolling report.

Recently in a meeting with guards and field employees officials said working report of the patrolling team should be submitted on daily basis so that they would be aware of happening in each area. The department has also planned to bring area around Kaliyasot River under CCTV surveillance. Through this camera, forest department will keep an eye on movement of big cats. Forest officials said that people are moving at Amarnath Colony to Kaliyasot road especially in morning hours which is not safe. Tigress T-123 is active in the area along with two cubs.

According to forest officials tigress T-123, two cubs, one leopard and one tiger is active in Kerwa-Kaliyasot forest range. To secure the area, forest department has also decided to set up barrier at the road connecting Amarnath Colony and Kaliyasot. A chowki will also be set up at the Road.

Mendora jungles are on high alert of forest officials due to presence of a male tiger along with the tigress and two cubsThe department has tightened security in the area and asked patrolling team to keep an eye on big cats for 24X7 hours. Last week forest officials spotted pug mark of male tiger in the area which raised serious concern. Officials said after confirming movement of tiger and tigress in the area, extra monitoring is being done. About 250 employees assigned in Bhopal forest circle are on strike due to which patrolling has been affected badly. Forest officials sought help from Police department to do patrolling in jungles. However there was no positive response from the department. To stop entry of poachers, forest department has now decided to lockout the area under strict monitoring of officers. Tourist and villagers residing in nearby areas have been asked to avoid their movement in the area as tigress is roaming with two cubs.