Meeting of CEO with political parties ends

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 30 Oct 2018 12:04:40


Staff Reporte,

Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) VL Kantha Rao in a meeting held with the recognised political parties has informed that nomination forms can be submitted in the offices of the Returning Officers between 11.00 am and 3.00 pm from November 2 to 9, 2018.

Nomination forms will not be submitted owing to the public holiday on November 4 and 7 due to Deepawali. Candidates are required to submit nomination forms in 4 set maximum. At the time of submitting nominations forms, maximum 3 vehicles and maximum 5 persons (1+4) will be permitted in the perimeter of 100 meters of the office of the returning officer.

Candidates are required to deposit Rs 10,000 against security deposit, whereas candidates of scheduled caste and schedule tribe category are required to give security deposit of Rs 5,000 for Vidhan Sabha election. The form A, form B should be handed over to the returning officer till 3.00 pm of the last day of submission of the nomination form.

Candidates are required to give affidavit as per the order dated September 25, 2018 of the Supreme Court, in which format C1, C2 and C3 will be provided in connection to the declaration about the ongoing criminal cases and cases of conviction besides its publication. Each candidate will open a separate bank account for election expenses. The bank account can also be opened jointly with election agent. It is essential for the candidates to take oath before the returning officer immediately after the submission of nomination form. Formats of checklist and a booklet of directives will be provided by the returning officer.

Candidates, their election agents, one proposer and one more person authorised in writing by the candidate as samyak can present at the time of scrutiny of the nomination forms by the returning officer. The returning officer will scrutinise nomination form one by one and videography will also be done to ensure transparency.
If candidates are not qualified clearly as per the law to become member of the legislature and are clearly unqualified to become member as per thje law, the nomination forms can also be rejected. A list of unqualified candidates will be provided by the Chief Electoral Officer to the returning officer.

Nomination forms can be rejected in case of non submission of affidavit by the candidates, nomination forms without signature of candidates or proposers of desired numbers, on not depositing full security deposit, on not providing oath/pledge if candidates belong or do not belong to schedule caste or scheduled tribe category and by them nomination forms have been submitted to fight election from the reserved seat.

If candidate is not a voter from the same constituency for which he/she submits the nomination form and has not submitted the election voting list or certified copy of its related part in which he is registered with the nomination form and has left the points of the affidavit form 26 blank. The returning officers will inform the candidates through checklist about the rejection of the nomination forms.