Source: The Hitavada      Date: 30 Oct 2018 15:09:16

Positive attitude, dedication, determination, self-confidence, ability, availability, perseverance, persistence, passion, compassion, value system and what not. 

I hope, I have covered most of the ‘really very good to hear words’ which make you feel highly motivated but for a very small period of time. We all know very well the flow of time and its influence is only in unidirectional context. Then why can’t we or why do we fail to utilise our resources
The only answer to it is ‘Distraction’. Our age demands distraction, agreed. But to what extent it goes is in our hands. Agreed? You have to.

The virtual monster called social media is likely to wipe out all talents of young minds, if not utilised properly.
People say, getting birth in the form of a human life is a blessing. I seriously don’t get the fact as to what kicks the youngsters get by posting their pictures with addition of cat’s ears and dog’s tongue and whiskers of squirrels!!
Social media has got a very different approach towards life and its reality. Students read quotes which make them believe education is not the criteria to judge people and they completely get mesmerised by the thought of completely giving up studies and start living in a fool’s paradise, like a frog in a well who has got no idea about the storm in ocean.

Social media is good if used judiciously, just for mere recreational purposes, for communicating important things. Social media has got a great global significance. It is a boon. The problem is with our age group is it has turned into an addiction, where a person is populated virtually and is isolated socially. Social media not only ruins the work you are really meant to do but also counter attacks your hobby.

The upcoming era is going to demand many other aspects apart from technical knowledge. The acquire soft skills by merging subjects requires updating knowledge all the time which requires an approach of proper analysis, creativity and complete eradication of rote learning. You see really hard time for ‘Chaturs’. with all these aspects around you where the world demands a multi-disciplinary approach.

Please don’t go on the length and breadth of the word, it simply means combining or evolving several academic disciplines or professional specialisations, in an approach to a topic or a problem. In this world, where there is constant mushrooming of new ideas, it is you who has to take a stand, be brave, not to be a part of the rat race, not being influenced by the very influential social media and inviting a happy and satisfied future with wide open arms.



Tanvi Parag Yelne
Class - XII
Montfort School (CBSE), Nagpur