The Truth

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 30 Oct 2018 14:52:17

Yes, I am death,

I am the one and only
The truth and the lie,
The one who meets when you die,
I love your life more than you,
I love your existence more than you,
I love your loved ones more than you,
I love your life more than anyone else.
Your whole life is a lie,
The bitter truth comes in front when you die.
You saw me in the shivering hands of a father
And sobbing eyes of a mother.
That father holding the ultimate truth,
Making you numb,
Stealing your sleep,
The scene was the reality.
Making you devastated and exaggerated.
That road, the footpath and you,
Were the witnesses of my love with that infants life.
Those barefoot, crying eyes, shivering hands and broken heart,
Carrying his new-born without life in the swing of death,
Yes! I am the one,
I am the death
Truth of life.











Megha R Thakur
B Com 5th sem
Dhanwate National College