20th Livestock Census begins in state to know exact numbers of livestock

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 31 Oct 2018 11:53:55


By Sheikh Abdul Kadir,


THE 20th Live Stock Census begins in state to know the exact numbers of livestock present in the state. Team of officials started visiting door to door to collect information.
Dr Anjana Naidu, Joint Director of Veterinary Services informed ‘The Hitavada’ that a meeting in this regard was organised recently in which field officials were given directives on how to collect data. The Census began on October 1 and will conclude on December 31. The team members will visit door to door in villages as well as in cities to record the number of live stocks.

Instruments including fishing stick, fishing net and other apparatus will also be recorded during the census.
Training has been given to 91 enumerators on how to feed the data into tablet and mobile provided for census.
Fourteen supervisors have been posted over 91 enumerators for observing and helping them. Seven scrutiny officers will monitor the data handling. The report will be sent to Planning Commission of Government of India, New Delhi.

She further added that previous census took place in 2013 and now after five years it has been initiated. As per records there are about 496 rural villages which includes 1,99,220 houses in 228 wards of Nagar Panchayat. Dr SK Pandey is State Nodal Officer for the project.

As per 19th Livestock Census held in October 2012 in Raipur district population of cattle was 399983, Buffalo-65884, Sheeps-6617, Goats-65951, Pigs-4095, Dogs-6583, household poultry-66977 and commercial poultry was 2276661.

Across 27 districts of Chhattisgarh in 2012 Total population of cattle was recorded to be 9812868, Buffalo-1390183, Sheep-168080, Goat-3224708, Pigs- 439027, Dogs-263481, Household poultry population-6285784 and total commercial poultry population was 11668829.