Central Rly to affix guards on OHE poles to fight monkeys’ intrusion

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 31 Oct 2018 09:49:43


By Sagar Mohod,

Nagpur Division plans to install 2,000 barbed wire type fences in its ghat section to ward off simians from entering their turf

A different type of turf war is on in the ghat section of Central Railway's Nagpur Division and there is nothing official about it. The problem has aroused owing to Simians who are increasingly intruding onto tracks, more particularly targeting the overhead equipment (OHE). Apart from endangering their lives, the monkey menace is coming in way of smooth movement of trains in Betul-Itarsi section.

For the Railway officials this new kind of trouble has them racking brains to devise strategy for protecting their territory. After thinking over options brains on how to defend their territory, an idea came to affix monkey guards in the troubled section. The double line in ghat section criss crosses through thick jungle and home of monkeys.

The strategy on part of railways is that the guards, a type of barbed wire fence, would curtail interaction of monkeys with traction supply that has increased manifold off late. The plan they said is to affix a box type cage on all the poles numbering about 2,000. The idea is to create obstacle for the monkeys so that they cannot hold onto poles and further arrest their upward movement towards the OHE that carries 25,000 volts of electric current.
The guards would be affixed at certain height where the monkeys normally tend to jump and garb it, said the officials of TRD that looks after OHE. Divisional officials are in process of awarding a contract to agency for affixing the box type fence in time to come.

Railway officials said that monkeys after catching hold of pole steadily climb and reach upto OHE and the result is obvious. On umpteen occasions it came to notice that monkeys were entangled in OHE. Apart from fatalities of the animals, for Railways the problem that follows afterward is giving more trouble. At the time monkey's come into contact with high tension lines it causes short circuit leading to tripping of power in the section.

The ghat section is treacherous and such midway tripping can be quite dangerous if it is to occur at any downward gradient or while the train is negotiating an upward section. Hence to secure its area, Railways are pitching on monkey guards to ward off simians intrusion.