Deficient rainfall, pest attack affect Kharif crop yield in Nagpur Division

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 31 Oct 2018 10:14:20


Staff Reporter,

Cotton, Soyabean, Tur, and Paddy crops affected

Pest attack reported in at least 160 villages in the Division

District-wise rainfall in Nagpur Division

District        Average Rainfall   Actual Rainfall    %age

Nagpur        956.5 mm          744.7 mm           77.9 

Wardha        1,026.4 mm      858.9 mm           83.7 

Bhandara     1,318.8 mm       973.8 mm         73.8 

Gondia         1,398.4 mm      1,119.0 mm       80.0 

Chandrapur   1,182.5 mm      838.1 mm         70.9 

Gadchiroli     1,402.0 mm      1,315.7 mm        93.8

Average       1,203.1 mm      948.1 mm           78.8  



Deficient and irregular rainfall, this year, has affected the yield of Kharif crops in six districts of Nagpur Division. As per the latest assessment of Agriculture Department, the initial harvest reports reveal that yield of Cotton, Soyabean, Tur, and Paddy crops has dipped. Pest attacks, due to conditions created by deficient rainfall, have been reported in at least 160 villages in Nagpur Division.

As per the data available with Agriculture Department, six districts in Nagpur Division namely Nagpur, Wardha, Bhandara, Gondia, Chandrapur, and Gadchiroli have received only 78.8 per cent of the average rainfall this monsoon. Expecting a good monsoon, farmers had completed sowing in 19,21,386 hectares, which was 100.53 per cent of the general Kharif area.

Of this, 8,20,118 hectares was under Paddy crop. Even the Paddy sowing was in 112 per cent of area for the crop. Cotton crop was taken in 6,50,584 hectares (114 per cent of area for the crop).

However, farmers did not show similar enthusiasm about Jowar, Tur, and Soyabean. Jowar was taken in only 57 per cent of the average area for the crop, Tur in 86 per cent, and Soyabean in 53 per cent of the average area for the crop. Unfortunately, despite this, the Cotton, Tur, and Soyabean farmers are facing dip in production dueto inadequate and irregular rainfall as well as pest attack.

In Nagpur district, yellow stem-borer has attacked Paddy crop in Mouda and Bhiwapur tehsils. Tur crop also is under pest attack. Soyabean yield also stands affected due to inadequate rainfall, as the beans are smaller in size. Cotton bolls also are lighter in weight and smaller in size, which indicates drop in production. As per the Agriculture Department report, Cotton crop is under pest attack in 35 villages, Paddy is affected by pests in two villages, and Tur also is under pest attack in 10 villages. Bollworm is visible in Cotton at the time of harvesting in Wardha district. As per the report, pest has attacked Cotton crop in 23 villages. Besides, pest has attacked Tur crop in seven villages.

Agriculture Department assessment speaks of likelihood of adverse impact on yield of Paddy in Bhandara district. Various pests have inflicted loss of different crops in as many as 26 villages in the district. In the adjoining Gondia district, 13 villages have reported crop loss due to pest attack on Paddy crop.

As far as Chandrapur district is concerned, Paddy yield is likely to dip by 40-50 per cent in areas where irrigation facilities are not available.

Even in areas with irrigation facilities, the crop is facing pest attack, which is likely to have a negative impact on the yield. Cotton yield also is likely to dip due to pest attack.
Overall, various crops are damaged due to pest attack in 20 villages. In Gadchiroli district, Paddy crop is under pest attack in 24 villages, and Tur crop is no better.