Source: The Hitavada      Date: 31 Oct 2018 12:53:09











AN INSTITUTION is built on the foundation of conscience, ethics and a culture of humility that forms the essence of its identity. Degradation of integrity begins when arrogance overpowers desires and haughtiness wears the cloak of a winner. The lacerating probe of Australian team’s ball-tampering scandal has laid bare an abyss of shame that the country’s cricketers are wallowing in, thanks to the “arrogant” and “controlling” culture overseen by their governing body, Cricket Australia (CA). The damning review by Sydney’s Ethics Centre has brought forth some telling truths that often get steamrolled in the mad dance of victory. The review is a reflection of the dirty Aussie culture pervading its sports teams who put winning above everything including trampling of the core values and principles of sportsmanship. An overhaul of personnel can be a short-term solution to the malady for CA because it’s a question of leadership and accountability. A mental make-over in consonance with honest human values is the need of the hour for Australian cricket.




THE inauguration of water transport from Kolkata to Varanasi marks a new era in the country’s cargo movement. The ambitious project, envisaged by Union Shipping and Transport Minister Mr. Nitin Gadkari, is the culmination of a well planned project designed over a period of last four years. The project was conceptualised to use available water bodies for easing pressure on surface transport for movement of goods and even passengers in some cases in a cost effective manner. The move is also aimed at reducing emission of toxic gases to which motor transport is a very big contributor. This also opens a new avenue for generation of employment. Thus the ambitious project aims at achieving various goals. But there could be one concern born out of water transport. There is the danger of water bodies getting polluted due to emission of toxic gases from the engines of ships and could have harmful effect on marine life as volume of transport grows. It is hoped that planners would take this aspect into account while going whole hog.