Will Maihar witness Narayan Tripathi’s magic once again?

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 31 Oct 2018 12:11:01


By Ashish Rajput,

SATNA district’s Maihar Assembly Constituency No-65 has passed through several dramatic phases for political parties but a sole candidate Narayan Tripathi has proved his dominance by winning the constituency thrice as candidate of different parties. Tripathi won 2016 by-election for Bharatiya Janata Party in 2016 by-elections, for Congress Party in 2013 elections and for Samajwadi Party in 2003 elections. Bahujan Samajwadi Party also gave a tough fight to leading parties but failed in losing elections by marginal number of votes in Maihar.

In by-election 2016, BJP’s Narayan Tripathi (82,658 votes) registered victory against Congress candidate Manish Patel (54,377 votes) by a record margin of 28,281 votes. In Assembly Election-2013, total 1,53,113 voters turnout was reported against total number of 2,10,886 voters. Total 25 nominations were filed, two were rejected and 23 candidates contested elections. Congress candidate Narayan Tripathi (48,306 votes) defeated BJP’s Ramesh Kumar Pandey (41,331 votes) by a lead of 6,975 votes.

BSP’s Manish Patel (40,561 votes) was third leading candidate. Nationalist Congress Party’s Foolchand Kushwaha (1,199 votes), Bahujan Sangharsh Dal’s Aslam Beg (1,653 votes), Shiv Sena’s Gowardhan Gupta (1,044 votes), Rashtriya Samanta Dal’s Nand Lal Sahu (1,361 votes), Janata Dal (United)’s Nirmala Singh (1,715 votes), Hindustan Janata Party’s Birbhan Kushwaha (504 votes), Samajwadi Party’s Rajkumar alias Raju Urmalia (697 votes), Bharatiya Shakti Chetna Party’s Rajkumar Gautam (415 votes), Apna Dal’s Ramdas Patel (767 votes), National Peoples Party’s Ramsajivan Kol (1,282 votes), Akhil Bharatiya Gondwana Party’s Sandeep Singh (4,356 votes), independent candidates, Ashok Kumar Vishwakarma (815 votes), Naseer Khan (2,513 votes), Biddu Bai Kol (1,339 votes), Rajendra Kumar (284 votes), Rampal Gupta (840 votes), Rampratap Patel (757 votes), Ramprasad Yadav (514 votes), Shankar Singh Chandel (501 votes) and Santa Kol (359 votes).

In 2008 Assembly election, total 1,21,314 voters cast their votes against total 1,67,572 voters.
Total 27 nominations were filed and one was rejected, one was withdrawn and 25 candidates contested election. BJP’s Moti Lal Tiwari (34,385 votes) defeated Congress’ Mathura Prasad Patel (20,079 votes) by a difference of 14,306 votes. Samajwadi Party’s Narayan Prasad (18,233 votes), BSP’s K P Mourya (14,529 votes), Indian Justice Party’s Gaya Prasad (549 votes), Gondwana Gantantra Party’s Jagdish Singh (730 votes), Gondwana Mukti Sena’s Prabhashankar Mishra (4,903 votes), Bharatiya Jan Shakti’s Brijesh Chourasia (2,171 votes), Janata Dal (United)’s Mahesh Soni (544 votes), Rashtriya Samanta Dal’s Ramesh Kumar Pandey (12,293 votes), Apna Dal’s Laxman Singh Patel (635 votes), Advait Ishavasyum Congress’ Shivnarayan Chourasia (567 votes), Lok Jan Shakti Party’s Sitaram Kushwaha (926 votes), independent candidates, Ashok Kumar (1,190 votes), Teerath Prasad (850 votes), Dharmend Sen (2,308 votes), Dhruv Kumar Mishra (1,282 votes), Premlal Kol (746 votes), Babulal Sondhia (552 votes), Bhura Choudhary (437 votes), Molai Prasad Choudhary (421 votes), Rambali (782 votes), Ram Ratan Shivhare (613 votes), Suryabhan Patel (579 votes) and Shravan Kumar Dubey (1,010 votes). In 2003 Assembly Election, total 1,22,222 voters used their voting rights against registered number of 1,78,455 voters. Total 14 nominations were filed, two were rejected and 12 candidates contested elections. Samajwadi Party’s Narayan Tripathi (39,934 votes) routed BSP’s Virendra Kushwaha (26,748 votes) by a margin of 13,186 votes. Congress’ Pratibha Patel (23,010 votes) was third leading candidate, while BJP’s Yashoda Mishra (14,489 votes), Gondwana Gantantra Party’s Gorelal (2,361 votes), Lok Jan Shakti Party’s Babulal (1,086 votes), Apna Dal’s Ramlakhan Singh Patel (943 votes), independent candidates, Jagdish Singh Gond (1,808 votes), Pushpraj Singh Baghel (2,470 votes), Mehmu Singh Muthel (1,138 votes), Mahesh Soni (1,957 votes) and Shrikant Chaturvedi (6,278 votes).