new wave

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 31 Oct 2018 12:47:27

THE tone of pride in Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s voice could be sensed even in printed news: India is going through a massive transformative phase. He has said, constant innovation, non-stop effort to seek Indian solutions to global issues, and leading a global growth in the next decade through its own growth are the highlights of the “transformative phase” of today’s India. Every word of his has its own gravity and substance. For, the current phase of the Indian journey to better times has already become a globally told story, making the world wonder how the Indians have found suddenly a key to exponential growth in multiple fields. 

There is no doubt that Mr. Modi is talking about economic growth as one of the critical factors in the India story. Yet, there are multiple dimensions of this story in which a massive social and democratic discourse is also helping the process of transformation. Old order is changing fast and the new order appears promising. There may be some jarring cacophony and acrimony in the socio-political discourse, as everybody sees and senses. Yet, even that factor, too, has a forward-moving element. There may be some undesirable and also unnecessary components in the social discourse dominated overly by politics. Yet, even in that part, the world can still sense India’s forward march. Cumulatively to all these, the Prime Minister calls a transformative phase.

The most critical quality of India’s story of transformation is the young element that is jostling with new ideas and launching start-ups that have made the country the most favourable eco-system for adventurism of ideas. When Mr. Modi makes a reference to it in his speech to the Indian community in Japan, all these elements come to fore for everybody to realise and relish. Only Mr. Narendra Modi has the endearing skill to provide expression to these glorious realities of India of today.

That he is himself leading this new wave of positive and powerful change makes the Prime Minister the coutry's front-line story-teller. It is in this context that one can pick up courage to say that India hasn’t had any Prime Minister with such a verve and valour to lead the process of scripting the change story in such a forceful and visionary manner.

But the intention here is not to put the Prime Minister on a high pedestal; the intention is to communicate to the readers a sense of pride in this process of national reconstruction in the most positive manner.

Of course, there are dark spots in the story. The Prime Minister, however, does not deny their existence, though. Yet, he endeavours to tell the world the capabilities India has earned over time to transform itself into a powerful nation with an innate strength to drive its engine of progress in the truest of manners. It is perfectly okay that the stress in today’s India is more on economic development rather on other facets of national life. But even as that is happening, other sectors, too, are growing in a big measure, including education, advanced research, the arts, the study of the sciences and the humanities. The most endearing aspect of this is the ability of the country’s current leadership to put to best use all the plus points for ultimate national gain.

This is actually the crux of the story of India now. Let us not miss another happy reality that the India of today lives in the present and works for the future, but does so on the strength of the accumulated knowledge from the ancient past. There has never been such a good time for the recognition of India’s ancient wisdom including Yoga and Ayurved plus physical as well as metaphysical sciences. When he talks of the transformative phase, Mr. Narendra Modi refers to all these directly or indirectly. This is the essence of the metaphor of transformation.