VAT imposed on fossil fuel have no bearing on elections: Agrawal

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 04 Oct 2018 11:21:58


Staff Reporter,


Asserting that increase or decrease in VAT imposed upon fossil fuel (petrol/diesel/LPG) has no bearing on the elections, Urban Administration, Commerce and Industries, Commercial Tax and Excise Minister Amar Agrawal said the VAT rates imposed on fossil fuel by other state governments have been compared and it has been found the VAT in Chhattisgarh is either low or is at par with them.
Giving no indications that the State Government will be
deducting VAT on fossil fuel ahead of elections, Minister Agrawal, who was addressing a press conference to highlight the achievements of his departments, said time to time the State Government decides upon increasing or decreasing VAT on commodities like petrol, diesel, etc depending on the given situation. The taxation department fixes VAT after considering large number of issues and in case it becomes a demand of the situation, the State Government is competent enough to take decision on rising or curtailing VAT on fossil fuel.

Agrawal further stated that the liquor consumption in the state has come down by 25 percent due to new liquor policy, however, the revenue from liquor sale has increased manifold. He said since the state government has taken over the reins of liquor sale in the state, the revenue loss due to tax evasion has stopped and hence the revenue has increased although the consumption has fallen. He further added that after imposition of Model Code of Conduct, the liquor sale will continue as per the norms of Election Commission of India.

Commenting on the protest by Congress Women Cell against the hike in fossil fuel prices, the Minister said that people have set the destiny of Congress where it will continue to carry out such protest rallies as it will be in opposition again for the fourth consecutive time, Agrawal said although the fuel prices have increased due to demand-supply issue and fluctuation of foreign exchange, there has been no increase in the prices of daily commodities like rice, pulses, edible oil and other consumables. The average inflation has not crossed over 4 percent in last four years.

Agrawal while stating that people now have started fearing Congress faces said Congress which neither has any issue to rake up against the incumbent BJP government nor it has party workers or people on its side, is compelled to build such issues and rake up during election. He said activities like dumping garbage and clashing with police, knowing very well that such activities will call of legal action, is deliberately done by Congress so that later on it can create an issue out of it. Congress which lacks issues severely and its present trend of its opposition like preparing and distributing sex CD or prepare CD of its own party leaders, it seems Congress has left with nothing but creating issues from such activities and try to gain sympathy. People have recognized the faces of Congress and there is no sympathy left against them.