plain perverse

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 04 Oct 2018 12:30:36

NO ONE can deny the Congress party the liberty to shape its political campaign in the election year the manner it chooses. No one also can deny that in politics, propaganda can go even beyond absurd limits. But no one can understand the perversity the Congress party has chosen to adopt to promote its electoral goals. In the past few days, it has cranked up its propaganda by stressing time and again that it is launching a fresh struggle to free India from the Modi Raj which is as bad or even worse than the British Raj. This is being perverse beyond limits. This is being absurd beyond sense. For, to liken the Modi regime to an alien regime is nothing but utter nonsense and absolutely totally devoid of sanity. If these are the levels to which the Congress party proposes to stoop during the next few months’ run-up to next elections, then it would be beyond common people’s ability to imagine how dirty things would get. 

What kind of uncouth comparison is this -- to say that the current regime of Bharatiya Janata Party is like the alien British regime! The propagandists of the Congress party are spending all their collective energies only to dish out senseless allegations against the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) in general and the BJP in particular, each time trying to draw comparison with the oppressive British regime. The British killed nearly 2000 persons at Jalianwallah Bagh in Amritsar. They trampled countless protesters under the hooves of rampaging horses at so many places across the country. They did not mind opening fire on innocent people just because they said Jai Hind or Bharat Mata Ki Jai or Inqilab Zindabad. They put behind bars every possible leader of the Congress party without any proper charges. They looted the nation’s natural resources and took all the money out of the country, leaving India in its poorest condition.

Thus, there could and should never be any comparison between the British Raj and the Modi regime. Yet, blinded by political pettiness, the Congress has been trying to impress upon the people that the country needs another freedom struggle to overthrow the Modi regime which is no better than the British Raj. This perversity is unprecedented.

That the Congress party is far removed from reality is obvious to anybody and everybody.
Let us now consider a reality check: Just on Wednesday, Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi got the United Nations’ Champions of Earth Award with French Prime Minister Mr. Macron. Recently, world rating agencies also enhanced India’s position on global scales. The world also now celebrates International Yoga day across national boundaries and ideological divides, thanks to the effort initiated by Mr. Narendra Modi. The global leaders at the World Economic Forum give fantastically positive response to the statement of Mr. Modi on environmental and economic concerns. Indian diaspora also throngs around the Prime Minister wherever he goes across the world to appreciate what India is able to achieve under his leadership. The United Nations’ chief also records his appreciations of the Swachha Bharat Mission. The World Bank also puts on record its appreciation of India’s inclusive finance initiatives. ... The list is pretty long!

And most fortunately, the common people realise that the Congress party is being perverse in levelling senseless charges against the Modi regime just because that suits its political purpose. And therefore, the common people also recognise the fact that it is only so perverse to draw comparison between the British Raj and the Modi regime. It is okay that in politics, things do get stretched to ridiculous limits by everybody. But what the Congress party is doing now is absolutely perverse and unacceptable. Apparently, Congress is busy writing its own epitaph.