‘Engg students taking admission directly to 2nd year have to pay increased fee’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 05 Oct 2018 10:04:16


Staff Reporter,

Those students taking admissions directly to second year degree or diploma engineering have to pay the increased fees. This is what Fee Regulating Authority (FRA) of Maharashtra has clarified.

In diploma as well as degree engineering courses there is a provision of admitting students directly to second year on certain criterions. There is a separate process conducted for the admissions to second year.

Annually, colleges have to apply to the FRA for getting their fee structure fixed. The FRA fixed the fees structure of colleges as per their records. It considers the student intake, performance, infrastructure, facilities to be given by the management, library facility, placement and other facilities at the college. The depreciation value of every utensil is also taken into account.

Till about 7 years ago, the FRA had brought restrictions on colleges to increase the fees every year. It means colleges have to consider fees fixed by the FRA for all four years or three years whatever duration of the course was.
Subsequently, the college managements had requested the FRA that the fees should be increased by some per cent every year.

Accordingly, the FRA, after a discussion, decided to allow colleges to increase the fees by 7% from second year onwards than what they were charging from students in first year.

Now that per cent also has been increased to 8 per cent. It means colleges can charge fees from second year onwards more by 8% than what they charge in first year. The students admitting directly to second year were paying the fees at par with that of first year. There was a confusion among students while managements were not able to convince them as there was no clarity from the FRA.
Now, the FRA has made it clear that students admitting in second year have to pay the increased fees. For instance, the FRA approved fees of Rs 80,000 for a college for first year in 2017-18.

The students when get into second year have to pay Rs 86,400, an increase by 8% as allowed by the FRA. But, till now, direct second year admitted students used to pay Rs 80,000, because they termed themselves as freshers.

On this, the FRA has clarified that if a student joins 2nd year directly then he or she will be required to pay Rs 80,000 plus 8% that is Rs 86,400 at par with other students who get into second year. The basic principle is all students of a class should pay same fees.