‘Rajyoga meditation is a science of transforming lives’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 05 Oct 2018 09:58:42

BK Atam Prakashbhai


By Rajendra Diwe,

BK Atam Prakashbhai, a gold medalist in MSc (Chemistry), is son of Vidarbha who became world’s top Rajyoga teacher of Brahma Kumaris.

Travelling extensively in 88 countries across five continents, he is spreading Rajyoga cutting across caste, creed, religion and countries


“Rajyoga meditation is not related to any religion. This is the time-tested, scientific, spiritual and effective process of rejuvenation of body, mind and soul. This is the reason, Brahma Kumaris Rajyoga meditation has been practiced in over 140 countries across the world,” said Brahma Kumar (BK) Atam Prakashbhai.

Stating Rajyoga is a source of spiritual energy available to every human being on this earth, BK Atam Prakash pointed out, “This spiritual energy is utlised for recharging body and soul.” BK Atam Prakash is Rajyoga Teacher of Brahma Kumaris Headquarters, Mount Abu and he has conducted many training programmes in 88 countries in five continents across the globe. A post graduate in Chemistry from Nagpur University, BK Atam Prakash is the world’s most demanded Rajyoga trainer. Life journey of BK Atam Prakash is also inspiring for the youths. His is a story of transformation of a scientist into a spiritual leader.
Born as Nivrutti Waman Chaudhari in a small village Dharangaon in Malkapur tehsil of Buldana district in Vidarbha, BK Atam Prakash completed his MSc (Chemistry) with a gold medal from Nagpur University in 1973.

Talking to ‘The Hitavada’, BK Atam Prakash said, “I started visiting Brahma Kumaris centre in 1972. Like any other students, I also had all ill habits including smoking and drinking during my college life. I started observing many changes in my attitude, personality, psychology and in all aspects of life when I used to visit Brahma Kumaris. In 1976, I came in contact with Dadi Prakashmani, the then Chief Administrator of Brahma Kumaris Headquarter at Mount Abut and I had decided to dedicate my life to Brahma Kumaris. In 1982, I along with all my family members, shifted from Dharangaon to Mount Abu.

” In 1993, BK Atam Prakash got a special invitation to enlighten souls in Europe and Africa. He visited many cities including UK, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France, Belgium and Holland. In Africa, he visited Kenya and Tanzania. He inspired and enlightened thousands of souls on special topics like Rajyoga is a Royal Path, Moments of Magic, Power of Understanding, Power of Love, Creating a New Life, Positive Thinking etc.

He touched many important topics like Discovering the Mind and values for the New World. During this intensive span of 75 days tour, his light and might encouraged inspired, renewed zeal and enthusiasm of thousand of souls. His powerful speeches inspired not only the regular Rajyoga students but touched the hearts of all souls from different communities as well. Every program was fruitful, successful, enlightening and well attended and appreciated. He observed that people in the West were very keen to learn more about Rajyoga meditation.

Atam Prakashbhai stated, “When I had completed MSc with a gold medal, the society wanted me to work as a lecturer. I would like to serve unlimited persons. In any university, I could serve only limited students, but Brahma Kumaris made me a global teacher. Whatever, I could not achieve as a Chemistry teacher, I had achieved many things in last 55 years.”

BK Atam Prakash mentioned, “Brahma Kumaris’ Rajyoga education is a compact multi-discipline. Rajayoga is the integration of the characteristic features of various disciplines such as Silence, Science, Philosophy, Education, Medicine, Psychology, Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Religion (Atmic Dharma), Values, Spirituality, Bhaktiyoga, Gyan Yoga, Karmayoga- all rolled into an integral one, which can lend to its devoted practitioner the elixir and nectar of celestial life and the lever of holistic health, progress, development and well-being here and hereafter.”
“Meditation is like a medicine.

Rajyoga meditation helps an individual to heal self throughout the day. Rajyoga is a supreme yoga, king of all Yoga, helps an individual to achieve self-control. Many scientists across the globe are practicing Rajyoga and understanding power of this supreme scientific process. Unfortunately, in India, people have to yet realise the spiritual science,” BK Atam Prakash concluded.