Source: The Hitavada      Date: 05 Oct 2018 12:11:44


By Farina Salim Quraishi,

P OLITE to a fault and politically correct to the hilt, debutant actor Aayush Sharma knows the rules of Bollywood and plays by them like a pro. Guarded and careful with his words, after his launch vehicle, Loveratri oopsLoveyatriwasintheeyeofapoliticalstorm, the darling of the Salman Khan-daan remains unflappable in his belief that Loveyatriisnothingbut a celebration of love. Aayush, who is married to SalmanKhan’s sisterArpita,is ready to make his foray into the filmdom with Loveyatri, a romantic drama set during the festive period of Navratri. The film is produced by Salmanunder hisbannerSKF, and it was Salman’s belief in him thatwas thedriving force behind Aayush taking the plunge. “I consider my self very lucky and privileged that Salman Bhaiis there to guideandsupportmealltheway.Butstrange as it may sound, I never really wanted to bean actor,rather I was in a we of it like most people in our country.

Friendsand evenmyteacherswouldoften tell me that, ‘Tu hero ban sakta hai,’ but that was just lark talk. But it was only after Salman and Arbaaz Bhai told me that I could become an actorthat I started considering the idea seriously. And today I’m proud to say that I’maproduct of Galaxy Institute of Performing Arts!” Candid enough to admitthat he got a dream launchpad courtesy his relation with Salman, Aayush,however,isinsistentthatitwasn’texactly handed to him on a platter. “All this talk about nepotism is a little pointless. While I agree thatthere are millions oftalented actors, who don’t getaplatform; nepotism is also not foolish. Filmmaking is a business involving several crore rupees. So no one will invest crores on a person who can’t sellthe film. I won’t. If tomorrow, Ahil (his son) says I want to become an actor,Iwon’t blindly invest Rs 20-30 crores without a valid reason. So for Salman Bhai, who has been on top of his game in the industry for over 30 years, to deem me worthy enough must count for something. Moreover, it was only after years of rigorous trainingthatheagreedtogreen-lightthemovie. And more than anything else, with Loveyatri I want to prove that I deserve to be in the industry,”saysAayushwhohadpreconceivednotions about film and of course being the true-blue Bollywood hero. “Everyone thinks acting is only about looking good, having a great body and just being stylish.What most people don’t see is the hard workthatgoesinbeforefacingthecamera.After my stint as an Assistant Director of four filmsEkThaTiger,Bajrangi BhaijaanTubelightand Sultan -Irealised film is not about a hero or heroine, it about hundreds of people working on it. Their career, dreams and future are dependent on the fate ofthatfilm.That’s when I understood that I was not very prepared to be in front of the camera and trained hard to face it. In those four years,Itravelled extensively with Salman, understanding everything about filmmaking, mastered many things and worked incredibly hard to prove that I was ready to be an actor,” elaborates Aayush, who has no apprehensions about the controversy affecting the movie. “Our intention for Loveyatri was very clear; wewantedtomakeafeelgood movie,whichwasreminiscent ofthe90sera.Itisabout‘pehla pyaar’ and how special it is. The film basically is a sweet Indian film, high on culture, emotionsandmusic.Wewanted a film that would connect withmostpeople,andIbelieve wehavesucceeded.Loveyatri will not hurt anyone’s sentiments. There was unnecessarycontroversyandobjection happening over it,” adds the scionof aninfluencepolitical family of Himachal Pradesh. Aayush, son of Delhi politician Anil Sharma and grandson of Sukh Ram, grew up in Mandi.Withhis familydeeply involved in politics, ask Aayush whether there is any roomfora politicalcareerand the soft-spoken actor with a throaty laugh says never say never. “Politics needs a will to serve people, and that has to come from within. I haveafamily lineage that has been serving people for 60-70 years now.I’ve seen how much dedication and selflessness is required to work for the people. Right now, I do not have the answers as to how I can change the country and I’m too young to understand theproblems ofpeople. So the day I’m sure I can bring about a change and help people is the day I would love to join politics,” admits Aayush, adding that his father wasn’t sold to his idea of becoming an actor. “He belongs to the era,where the heroes had the built and presence of Dharmendra,his ideal star.When I told him my plans,he was incredulous. He told me, ‘I need to give my test every 5 years, you will haveatest every Friday. It’s a very fickle industry, plus you don’t look like a hero. Do you have it in you?’ Even my yes did littletoconvincehim.Hewaspessimisticabout theidea,untilhesawmyfilm.Thefilmchanged his perception and he was very happy to be proved wrong,” the 28-year-old actor added. Even as 2018 is turning out to be a year of debutantes, Aayush is not worried about his space in Bollywood. “Back in the day audience was very forgiving, you could give 10 flops and people would still buy tickets to see you. But today, it is first orfinished! So obviously allthenewcomers are hugely talented. I know I’m not the best looking guy or built impressively or even the best dancer in town, but rather I’m hugely trained andqualifiedtobe anactor. AndgiventhatI’ve given it all - my heart, soul and my everything – for Loveyati, I would now leave it to the audience to tell me what my UPS is,” says Aayush on the parting note.