Congress will form Govt in MP: Ajay Singh

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 05 Oct 2018 11:01:56


By Rajan Raikwar,

Congress will definitely benefit from the tours of Rahul Gandhi and there are more tours in the offing. This election is last election before Lok Sabha elections and will set a trend for future whether it is Rajasthan, MP or Chhattisgarh, the focus of both the parties is clear

CONGRESS President Rahul Gandhi’s recent tours in poll-bound Madhya Pradesh has energised party members in the State. Leader of Opposition Ajay Singh is confident that the Congress is getting benefitted from tours of Rahul Gandhi and in future the party will organise more such tours of the party President. Ajay Singh also feels that upcoming Assembly elections will set a trend for future. Ajay Singh spoke candidly in an interview to ‘The Hitavada’. Here are some excerpts of the interview.

Q: How many Assembly seats is Congress expecting in Assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh?

Ans: It is early to say but chances are good to form majority. Congress is going to form Government in State. BJP is losing its ground in Madhya Pradesh.

Q: You think BJP is targeting visit of Rahul Gandhi to religious places?

Ans: I don’t understand whether only they have the right to visit religious places. Why any Congress leader or Rahul Gandhi cannot visit Mansarovar. Is this the kind of debate which the BJP wants to project in State?

Q: Rahul Gandhi seems to be paying more attention to Madhya Pradesh as compared to last assembly election, will Congress benefit from this?
Ans: Congress will definitely benefit from the tours of Rahul Gandhi and there are more tours of Rahul Gandhi in the offing. This election is last election before Lok Sabha and will set a trend for future, whether it is Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh or Chhattisgarh, the focus of both the parties is clear.

Q: BJP is taking potshots on Rahul Gandhi’s statement that mobile phones should have a tag of Made in Chitrakoot, Made in Bhopal or Made in Madhya Pradesh. CM had also said that why Congress leaders failed to bring such products in Amethi?
Ans: It is not the question of Made in MP. It is Made in India versus Made in China. Why should jobs go to China is the main point. BJP is missing the main point completely.

Q: CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan is mentioning ten years rule of Digvijay Singh in his public speeches to target Congress?
Ans: CM Chouhan is raising Congress’ regime because he has nothing to say or mention about his rule. He has been CM of more than 13 years then what has he done in past 13 years.

Q: Whether newly formed SAPAKS party is going to affect political equations in State?
Ans: Any organisation like SAPAKS will definitely harm all political parties, some more, some less or in limited way.

Q: Congress often talks about financial condition of State, what’s your view?
Ans: BJP Government is known for splurge without thinking financial condition of the State, their only aim is to garner votes, whether the financial position is okay or not they never bother.

Q: CM recently announced to form Cow Ministry to protect cows. What is your take on this?
Ans: It is like formation of Happiness Ministry. What differnce did the Happiness Ministry make?