Source: The Hitavada      Date: 05 Oct 2018 11:43:46











WHILE accepting the prestigious global award for promotion of international solar alliance, Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has drawn attention to the age-old Indian culture of respecting nature which the modern industrial culture has destroyed. With climate change becoming a global concern and catastrophic episodes like the devastating Kerala floods this monsoon season or the marauding hurricanes of USA taking heavy toll of human lives and properties, time has come to look back to the past when respect for nature was an integral part of human behaviour and endeavour. It is in this context that the Prime Minister’s appeal to the world community to make concern for climate part of human culture to avoid calamities becomes relevant. In pursuit of material progress man has gone on destroying nature, inviting calamitous consequences of climate change. Entire humanity must feel concerned about rapid climatic changes occurring all over the world of late. This calls for immediate and concerted action.




THE biggest excitement of the first Test between India and the West Indies at Rajkot was the debut of Mumbai’s prodigy Prithvi Shaw. The lad came, saw and conquered with an amazing century that will definitely be listed in one of the fluent knocks in Test cricket. Shaw’s talent was never in question. He is a typical Mumbai school khaddoos cricketer putting a high premium on his wicket. His heroics from school cricket to India Under-19 title triumph have already made him a hero. What was of keen interest in Shaw’s Test debut was the mindset he would walk in with. The boy defied his age and played an array of strokes that greenhorns generally hesitate to employ especially during international debut. The knock has set tone for Shaw’s long haul in international cricket. It is now upto him to keep the natural game going. He does not look a one-match wonder and it is an onerous task for Shaw to prove it. In the hindsight, a Test debut in the England tour would have given us a good account of the young man. Well, the real test beckons in Australia by year end.