Samdariya is now Sanskar Mall

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 05 Oct 2018 10:59:40


Staff Reporter,

The Board of Directors of Jabalpur Development Authority (JDA) has decided to change the name of Samdariya Mall to ‘Sanskar Mall’. Apart from this, they also took significant decisions regarding various other issues during a meeting held on Thursday.

An official press release issued by the Authority said, in context of the High Court’s order, the BoD has unanimously decided to change the name of Samdariya Mall to Sanskar Mall. Apart from that, it also decided to take legal action on other issues as per the directions given by the court.
The release further said, the High Court, in its order, has cancelled the lease of Samdariya Mall and has decided to give full ownership to JDA. Along with that, it also gave the right of changing name of the Mall to JDA.

Likewise, the Board of Directors also decided to name the shopping complex, being constructed near Inter-State Bus Terminal (ISBT) under scheme no. 14 of the JDA after Late Triveni Prasad Richharia. Similarly, they also named Bird Sculpture under Vishal Pachori Complex after Jamna Prasad Agrawal.

Madhya Pradesh Urban Administration and Housing Department has authorised the BoD to approve seventh pay scale for JDA’s officials and employees. Hence, the Board of Directors has, on Thursday, approved the provision of the pay scale to the Authority’s officials and employees. Those who participated in the meeting were Chairman, JDA, Dr Vinod Mishra, Assistant Collector, Sarodhan Singh, Assistant Forest Conservator, R K Tiwari, Executive Engineer, Public Works Department, Gopal Gupta, Joint Director, Town and Country Planning, Neeraj Likhar and Chief Executive Officer, JDA, Nidhi Singh Rajput.