NGO policy must for development of society: Prashant Bhushan

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 07 Oct 2018 10:33:56


Staff Reporter,

ON SATURDAY, discussion on ‘Lok Tantra’, Civil Society and NGO Policy was organised at Gandhi Bhavan .The discussion was organised by CNRI Bhopal and federation of NGO Bhopal and Swaraj Abhiyan. Noted lawyer, activist and politician Prashant Bhushan was the main speaker.

He said that civil society is considered as fifth pillar in democracy and it is necessary that for effective output and strategic working all NGOs should work under a policy, so that desired results can be achieved. He is noted for his use of Public Interest Litigation (PIL) to support a number of causes related to corruption, environmental protection and human rights.

State president federation of NGO Surendra Shrivastava, spoke about the measures taken up to strengthen NGO sector and also discussed about the strategy to form NGO policy. Captain V P Singh President CNRI highlighted the need to highlights the issues in NGO sector which needs to be streamlined. He said that if welfare budget needs to be utilised properly for development then it is necessary to bring in effective NGO policy.

They said that Implementation of Non-Government Organisation Policy is very important. They alleged that all NGOs of Madhya Pradesh were ensured, about 10 to 11 years back, that NGO Policy will be implemented in three months by the State Government. But said policy has not been passed by Legislative Assembly of Madhya Pradesh till date. Notably, Madhya Pradesh has got following numbers of NGOs and Self Help Groups (SHGs), who can be benefited by this policy.

Approximate number of NGO includes 45,000 nos. Each NGO has got 7 to 10 members, giving indirect self-employment opportunity to more than 4.5 lakh members. Total SHGs in Madhya Pradesh is coming to 8 Lakh .Each SHGs has got 10 to 15 members, giving indirect self employment opportunity to more than 85 lakh members. Total number of beneficiaries by NGO Policy is about 89.5 Lakh. Major points identified for NGO Policy includes provision to have 70 per cent budget of Madhya Pradesh Welfare related fund to be spent through NGOs and SHGs. Mudra Scheme to be reached to each and every members of NGOs and SHGs in 2 years.

It should have mandatory annual grant clause for each NGOs for at least Rs 20 lakh per annum. Jan Abhiyan Parishad should have 50 per cent members in Board and Administration from NGO Sector. There should be provision for Accreditation and Grading of each NGOs to maintain control over their spending and governance. They also said that RTI should be extended to cover NGOs and SHGs, if grants start coming regularly.