The word ‘listen’ contains the same letters as ‘silent’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 07 Oct 2018 12:06:00



Confidence is the bridge connecting expectations with actual performance. Individuals with confidence view a loss as a crossroad and not a cliff. Confident individuals make mistakes and encounter troubles without falling off the edge. When they have winning streaks, their confidence grows and helps to propel a tradition of success.

The biggest challenge is to find and appreciate the balance. When something devastating happens, you can see yourself as a victim and expect that bad things are always going to happen. One can accept what happened and create something wonderful because of it. When you are in the presence of individuals who are passionate about what they are doing, you find yourself caught-up in their intensity. The fire ignited inside them catches on and sparks fly. Individuals with passion for what they are doing stand out because, they are surrounded by people who are just getting by, putting in their time, feeling flat and not really committed to what they are doing.

Passion which we identify with exuberance comes from suffering. Our passion comes from a depth of understanding of life’s joys and sorrows. An appreciation that between our births and our deaths we each have, if we take advantage of it, a chance to make a difference. Research has revealed that fifty percent of our personality we inherit and the other fifty percent are left for development. If we don’t develop, we simply don’t grow. How do we develop personality in our life? It is by removing the unwanted parts like the sculptor who brings out what is inside the rock. When we are born we are exposed and influenced and by the age of 6, our habits are formed. Childhood habits are like cobwebs and adult habits are like a rope wire. We are three types of human beings. There are those who make things happen; there are those who witness things happening, and those who just don’t know what is happening around. So awareness is the key to open life’s vast possibilities.

There is a Sanskrit saying: Muhurtham Jwalitham Sreyo Na Tu Dhumayitam Chiram. It means that it is better to flash forth once in your lifetime than smoke away for ages. To have a fruit you must have a root. Mental ability is the toughness to thrive in pain and adversity. When it starts to hurt, you start to win. All of us can convert a stumbling block into a stepping stone. You may not be able to grow taller but you can grow smarter. Always go with the flow because going against the current is a sign of emotional and intellectual weakness. Earl Nightingale said: “Bend with the wind; you will be around when the hurricane passes and the good weather returns”.

We talk about Progress Reports from the school, college or the Boss but it should be actually from inside. You must be able to accept the rewards and consequences of your own behaviour. Winners dwell on the rewards of success. Losers focus on the penalties of failure. Expect the best, plan for the worst and be prepared for a surprise. Life’s problems cannot be solved by violent means. Life is a gift to be shared. My father used to say: “Wisdom is relaxed state of being; wisdom is not knowledge or information; it is inner awakening. Be full of light; it is your birth right”. Azim Premji of Wipro said: “You should dare to dream, define what you stand for.

Never lose your zest and curiosity but always strive for excellence. Build self confidence; learn to work in teams; take care of yourself; have a broader social vision and let never success go to your Head”. There are those who become arrogant when they succeed but they forget that success comes occasionally and not regularly! The best teacher is not the one who knows the most, but the one who is most capable of reducing knowl edge to the obvious and the wonderful things which slips into the student’s comprehension.

A person with great talents but without good manners is like someone with bags of gold and has no small change for daily needs. High performing people are clear about what they believe and stand for. They don’t deviate from their values and therefore hit the target and get all the benefits that is in store for them to enjoy! It is easy to get into a Rut. To get out of it you have to get out of your Comfort Zone. Engage in new activities and eliminate comfort and complacency i.e. doing the same routine things again and again. A person went to a wise man and asked how he should deal with the enemy? The wise man replied: “Your enemy is the anger; subdue it and you will be like all other wise men!”