‘Music is human need for comfort, energy’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 01 Nov 2018 12:11:42


By Shivanjali Verma,

Classical Music is a gift, which can be used not only for entertainment but also touches people’s hearts, souls and minds and makes them better by enriching ideas and peace. Music is one of the humans’ needs which provides comfort and energizes them, opined internationally-famed Classical singer, Ajay Pohankar.

The son of Sanskardhani, who belongs to a fwell-educated musical family, is in Jabalpur to participate in Jabalpur Art and Music Festival.  Talking to ‘The Hitavada’ he shared his feeling to take the legacy of being Jabalpurian to the world and present generation’s response towards Classical in India and Abroad.

“Being a member of a well-educated family I truly believe that education can transform any person in a constructive manner. It can further polish whatever the talent you have”, he says.  According to the classical maestro, the artists and audience are equally responsible for the fault behind Classical Music not being popular among youngsters specially in India.  Normally people blame the dominance of Bollywood music for this. But it makes absolutely no sense.

Though its true that the present day's young audience are bit impatient. And any form of music whether its classical or western, can not be expected to be understood or
appreciated if listen in hustle even it is presented by any
maestro.  The present generation's lack of patience is detrimental to the core form of classical music which is practically not made for this kind of environment.

Mostly, Ustads and Pandits do not like to experiment with the archaic rules, regulations and forms of classical music which simply do not appeal to common person in the 21st century. But still classical forms are also enjoyed by people who attend it live on the stage.  Truly, Classical music is the purest form of music, and youngsters would definitely enjoy the vibrance of Classical Music in it’s purest form if they patiently listen it.

Where as the music lovers in abroad know how to respect the musical talent of artists. Their mannerism and curiosity towards music differ them from Indian youth.
He suggests the young talented musicians to always dream big and honestly work hard to go ahead of your ‘so-called’ contemporary contenders. “Don’t let the success to dominate your personality. As to be popular does not mean to be great. I personally don’t like negative people who give up before attempting for something”, he says. Pohankar’s son Abhijeet Pohankar and wife, Anjali both are well-known signatures in the classical field.