Hubby, father-in-law booked for setting woman afire

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 01 Nov 2018 12:03:36


Our Correspondent,


A shocking incident was reported from village Amoch of Sleemnabad block of the district where on Monday afternoon, a young woman was burnt alive. Parents of the victim, Dajjo Bai (26), accused her husband and father-in-law of carrying out the crime. They alleged that the two men had tied their daughter to a bed and set her on fire.

The manner in which the incident occurred gave goose bumps to all. Police took the matter under investigation. The death of a young woman, known to her neighbours as a kind, generous and helpful person, was mourned by all. Her neighbours told the police that they has seen her bruised and abused by the two men in her home and often complained against against them and the torment inflicted on her on a daily basis. Apart from the dowry issue, allegedly her husband was carrying on with a love affair with an already married woman and had been from the very start of his married life uninterested in marrying Dajjo Bai.

resident of village Patna Umaria of Sleemnabad police station jurisdiction, Bihari Kachhi told the police that a few years back, he had solemnised the marriage of his daughter Dajjo with Amoch resident, Sitaram Kachhi, son of Sumera Kachhi. Within days of the marriage, the family began to harass and torment the new bride with their demands of dowry. Also, the young husband Sitaram was unhappy with the match and took out all his frustration and anger on the bride.

He thrashed and abused her on a regular basis. The victim often complained to her parents about the torture but they managed to counsel and pacify her and send her back to her marital home. They also spoke to her husband and father-in-law but in vain.

Bihari Lal Kachhi was informed on Monday afternoon that his daughter had committed suicide by self-immolation. When he rushed over to her house, he found her lying burnt, on the floor next to a charred bed. Both the bed and the girl were charred. Bihari Lal suspected and voiced his fears that his daughter had been tied to the bed, kerosene oil was poured over her and she was then set on fire. It was a clear case of murder and not a suicide, he alleged. Dajjo Bai had sustained hundred per cent burns and died on-the-spot.

SHO Sudhakar Barsakar added that he learnt of the incident from the village Kotwar. He immediately left with his team and rushed to the crime scene. There he prepared the Panchnama and took custody of the burnt body that was dispatched to Sleemnabad hospital for a post-mortem. On examination of the corpse, the attending doctor declared it unfit for an autopsy because due to the extensive burning, nothing was left of the woman. The body turned practically to ashes and was referred to Jabalpur for the post mortem. Inquest was on and the process to book the suspected accused was underway.