Market decks up ahead of Diwali celebrations

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 01 Nov 2018 12:08:37



Staff Reporter,

The festival of lights ‘Diwali’ is round the corner and each one is eagerly waiting for the celebration for which the preparations are in full swing these days in the State capital.

Market is flickering with the shine of the festivity and lights ahead of the festival. Only 6 days are left for the festival to be celebrated and everyone seems so busy in planning for the festival. Diwali is a festival of lights, signifies victory of light over darkness and this Diwali is going to be enlighten with candles. Candles are highly demanded in market. Flying Candles, Diamond candles, floating candles are new in market. Youths loving the flying candle most which flies up to 10 km and has reasonable cost around Rs 100. Rajasthani pattern wall coverings, wall hangings, Velvet wall hangings, white pearl based door hangings, Embroidery washable wall hangings with silk decoration are very elegant and latest in market.

They are being expensive too. Terracotta lamps, hanging bells and handicrafts with glossy finish are giving attractive look. Pearl Urn (Moti Kalash) is vastly sold item in the market that within two days the stock has been finished half and the people are demanding it more. People are buying Room Decorator stickers and spaceship designed lamps with vivid color combinations for their homes to look presentable and decorative on Diwali.

People are buying Jute Chandeliers and Paper Lamps. They prefer for traditional way of diwali celebration, decorating house with earthen lamps, terracotta lamps, using Indian lightings instead of Chinese lamps, avoiding all the Chinese materials. Most of the people are following the trend of celebrating “Eco-Friendly Diwali” this year so most of the people have planned to say “No” to crackers. This Diwali homes will be seen beautifully colored with plastic paints. There has been craze of coloring homes with luxurious plastic paint, which also has increased its demand in market. The labour rate for white washing has been increased to Rs.400, before which were around Rs.300 and there availability has also been decreased. All over the expense is around Rs.1200 to 1500 including both the charges. The available paints in the market are Dye distemper with bright shades in market, Oil bound distemper which can be preserved for 2-3 years, plastic emulsions which are easily dried and spotless, whereas acrylic emulsions are more popular and also available in glossy and met finish shades. Exchanging gifts is yet another key trigger for Diwali purchases. This is the season when one exchange gifts with the loved ones, relatives, business associates, and friends.

sPeople are also buying gifts in large number just to greet their loved ones. Purchase of some products is considered auspicious during Diwali, and particularly on specific days of the season. For instance, buying of gold or other metals on the day of Dhanteras, which is normally the day before Diwali, is believed to bring wealth to the person throughout the year ahead. Such a promise of year-long prosperity is irresistible, and leads to millions of people flocking to jewellery stores on this single day. On this day, people will be seen buying gold, silver. Indian sweets are top-of-mind categories bought for this purpose, since no celebration is complete without them. Various kinds of sweets are being prepared in the market to mark the occasion with gusto.