No Smart City without involving citizens

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 01 Nov 2018 11:40:13


By Ashish Rajput,

Development of Jabalpur as Smart City remains a misconception without developing smart citizens. Huge expenditure on materializing high-tech development projects in the name of Smart city need to develop civic sense amongst residents for making the city smarter.
For development of a smart city, there is an urgent need to bring a sense of responsibility amongst citizens towards their own city for ensuring its overall development. Materialistic approach and absence of discipline in residents might prove a hurdle in developing a smart city.

The condition of most of the public places, buildings of Government departments and roads seems in pathetic condition due to spitting of Pan and Gutkha. Almost all the corners and sidewalls at Government departments are awfully coloured red due to spitting of Pan and Gutkha.

Surprisingly, senior most administrative officers regularly passed through these premises but failed in taking any concrete measures to put-up check on such sick practice. District administration and municipal authorities have started several innovative campaigns but taking stern action like penalty on spitting in restricted areas is still awaited.

It is a pleasure for the residents that their city has been declared to be developed as smart city for ensuring availability of fundamental as well as advanced facilities of infrastructure, education, medical and information technology. With the development of smart city, residents also needs to change their bad habits for maintaining cleanliness at their surroundings and remaining disciplined for best utilization of public properties and other available resources.

There are several irregularities on the part of residents which can be regularly seen at any public place in the city. Even after conducting several public awareness campaigns the civic and administrative authorities are helpless for checking such unethical practices. Even after regular collection of garbage and deployment of a big manpower by Municipal Corporation, heaps of garbage on road sides and choked drains reflects the absence of civic sense in residents.

Residents of city that is also known as ‘Sanskardhani’ should come forward for making collaborative efforts and materializing the name of city. There is no need of campaign or any banner for starting good practices as campaigns always limited for some hours or days. Residents should realize their responsibilities and setting example for their family members, relatives and friends for becoming smart and making their city smarter.


Citizens speak out on spitting out



Akash, a student
“Spitting anywhere must be banned in the city for desired development and maintaining better cleanliness arrangements. Residents should realise their responsibility to make the city clean and avoiding spitting and throwing garbage anywhere. Along with public, officers and employees working in Government departments also spit anywhere at their working places”.




Bilal, an employee
“Chewing Pan and Gutkha is like a tradition in the city as most of the residents could not live without it. Addicts of Pan and Gutkha could never stop spitting without strict ban on spitting at public places and Government buildings. None of the Governments in the city took any initiative against spitting on walls and corners”.







Dinesh, Advocate
“Bad habit of spitting Pan and Gutkha must be stopped at public places. There are several provisions of banning bad things at public places and civic authorities should take initiative to make spitting an offence in restrict areas and financial penalty should be imposed on violators for checking such practice amongst residents”.







Narendra, preacher
“Any culture never promotes addiction even it is Pan or Gutkha and smoking cigarette. Even after giving clear message on wrapper and packing of about harmful effects of smoking and chewing tobacco, most of the persons are addicted for the same. Government should impose complete ban on sale of tobacco for saving several lives and maintaining cleanliness”.

Prahlad, a resident
“Along with imposing financial penalty on spitting at public places and Government buildings, public must come forward to take initiative of public awareness. Any Government could not stop chewing tobacco but it is the responsibility of its consumers to do not spit anywhere. Government departments have failed in making the use of headgear compulsory and their regulation on spitting is an uphill task”.

Khalid, contractor
“The residents should realise that the Government departments and public places are own properties. Government always tried to provide best public facilities but it is the responsibility of residents to use these serves at their level best and avoid bad practices like spitting”.