Source: The Hitavada      Date: 10 Nov 2018 10:11:20



THERE is nothing unexpected in the decision of United States (US) President Mr. Donald Trump to sack the US Attorney General Mr. Jeff Sessions, though “temporarily” as the White House announced. Removal of Mr. Sessions was on the cards for the past some weeks after his recusal from participation in the probe into the alleged Russian intervention in the presidential election.

Eventually, as the White House has indicated, Mr. Sessions may be recalled to the post. Yet, whatever is happening in the US as regards the probe by special investigator Mr. Robert Mueller into the allegation, is quite likely to prove to be the President’s nightmare. For, as the details are unravelling, fears are being expressed that the whole thing may lead to a possible impeachment of the President.

There is already a strong and big section of the American public that believes that Mr. Trump is actually leading his own way to impeachment because of his several moves that betray his immaturity as  an administrator.  Without doubt, the US now stands at a confusing political crossroads. 



POMPOSITY, if it is not backed by the perceived outcome, mostly invites rebuke and criticism from the powers and people. Team India coach Ravi Shastri found himself in such embarrassing corner when he was cut short by the Committee of Administrators (CoA) of the Indian Cricket Board on his overzealousness in describing the current team as the “best travelling side in last 15 years”. 

The talent that Virat Kohli’s team oozes certainly fits the bill to be a worthy challenger in all conditions. And yet, the team has failed to return with the desired victories that count the most in deciding its credentials as “best travellers”. No matter what Shastri feels about the current team, the fact remains that India are still considered as “poor travellers”.

The recent England tour, where Shastri made this brave statement, confirms the belief. The CoA has rightly reminded Shastri to leave it to the cricket fans to judge the team. For, the team’s job is to perform well and win series. Their place in history will be decided by the people on their exploits, not pretense.